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intoning silence by bios+a+ic + Intonarumori released today

intoning silence by bios+a+ic + Intonarumori

This album was recorded at symbolic insight's cave studio in 2003. It is a post-industrial experimental collection of morphing percussion, processed trumpet & vocals, vibrant synthesizers, and deep bass guitar. This dark, brooding, emotional, and mysterious album bridges bios+a+ic's early work as his sound continues to change and evolve. https://biostatic.bandcamp.com/album/intoning-silence

Dark Places by W Davis & J Schuller now available digitally

Dark Places by W Davis (bios+a+ic) & J Schuller was recorded at symbolic insight's cave studios, Seattle, WA on May 6, 2000. Processed trumpet & guitar loops experiments with sampled beats & textures.


Scukar by bios+a+ic + Of Earth And Sun released today

Scukar by bios+a+ic + Of Earth And Sun released today for 2017. Recorded in April of 2014 at symbolic insight studios, Denver, CO. It is a dark ambient drone album with chants, bone trumpets, and processed trumpet taking the listening into the deep realms of the shadow self. Another great 'name your price' release from symbolic insight. https://biostatic.bandcamp.com/album/scukar

moon contol by bios+a+ic released today!

Full moon album release from bios+a+ic & symbolic insight! Now available in all digital formats as 'name your price' album. Dark ambient drones on synth & trumpet with samples /textures. https://biostatic.bandcamp.com/album/moon-control

Fata Morgana by bios+a+ic out today!

Fata Morgana by bios+a+ic released January 23, 2016

Fata Morgana is a collaboration album culminating from over a year of playing live shows with the players in various combinations and with the band, Kappa Cell. The studio session was improvised and recorded live with additional bass synthesizer added post by bios+a+ic. It is a fusion of avant jazz, ambient space, experimental electronics, and noise textures.

bios+a+ic - effects processed trumpet, loops, synthesizer, samples

Reid Felecos - turntables, samples, effects, percussion, oxygen tank, noise

James Jewkes - guitar, synthesizer

Joe Sorcic - drum kit, percussion

All tracks written by players listed above

Kris Nickeson - sound engineer, co-producer, mastering

Wesley Davis - producer, assistant engineer, mastering

Recorded at Microtone Studios, Westminster, Colorado, June 2015.

Much gratitude to Kris, Joe, James, Reid, Niya, Jewl, and Don.

microtonestudios.com www.symbolicinsight.com www.facebook.com/FataMorgana2016/

In support of the new economic model for donation based businesses and because we want this music available to as many people as possible, symbolic insight is offering this album as a "name your price" release. All symbolic insight albums are written/produced by original sound artists, professionally recorded, engineered, and mastered. Please support our producers & artists financially as you feel inspired, if you are unable pay now simply enter '0' as the amount. Thank you for your interest and support in our experimental, underground, and independent music label.


cloudLand, ambient album by bios+a+ic released for summer Solstice

cloudLand by bios+a+ic now available for purchase & commercial free streaming, https://biostatic.bandcamp.com/album/cloudland. This music was created to aid in relaxation, meditation, and sleep. The pulse beat tempo gradually slows down, calming bio-rhythms. The music patiently resolves tonality and gently drifts into the ether. The album was inspired by the clouds in the sky and recorded while living in Nederland, Colorado, based high in the mountains.

released 21 June 2015

Written, recorded, and produced by bios+a+ic at symbolic insight studios.

Primary sound source is multi-effects processed trumpet, re-sampled, and looped in layers, with pulse rhythms and chimes blowing in the wind.

symbolic insight cdr008100

subduction by bios+a+ic & xaxis wye now available digitally

subduction is a collaboration between bios+a+ic and xaxis wye, originally released as a limited edition of 50 units with gold paper inserts which sold out. It was recorded at symbolic insight studios in Seattle, Washington in 2004 and produced by bios+a+ic. He also created sample glitch rhythms by looping cord buzzes and thick drones. xaxis wye improvised manipulated sounds from his personal collection of handmade module wave generators. The album’s sound is reminiscent of molten lava crackling through gaping holes in the Earth. The first four tracks are remixes by sound artists, Sleepy J, Noise Poet Nobody, bios+a+ic & xaxis wye created from the original source material. The second four tracks are a fusion of minimalistic dark drones, ambient hisses, and ethereal pops. https://biostatic.bandcamp.com/album/subduction

blood_for_oil by bios+a+ic is NOW available digitally

ABOUT blood_for_oil by sound artist, bios+a+ic, is an ambient-noise collage / sonic documentation which reflects upon the past and current turmoil in occupied Iraq. Tribal rhythms, dark drones, electronic textures, guitar washes, vocal chants, and field recordings blend together, forming an epic journey that is both hypnotic and foreboding. It was originally released in the fall of 2005 as a limited edition of 100 units, packaged in camouflage paper, which is completely sold out.

Press Quotes "blood_for_oil" is an audio universe once could easily get lost in, adrift, a place that is dark but comforting and from which you'd never want to leave.” Fish Collective “This is excellent dark-ambient meditation on the ongoing struggle in Iraq, combining news samples, dark and noise-laden drones, tribal beats, chanting, and other layers of texture into a flowing series of brooding soundscapes. As for the quality and direction of the pieces, there are strong echoes of the work of Rapoon, Voice of Eye, Aube, and Scanner in particular. Highly recommended. ” Monotremata “Super deep dark drone, absolutely stunning, narcotic and hypnotic.” Your Imaginary Friend “Parallels can be drawn to such textural sound artists as MUSLIMGAUZE or O YUKI CONJUGATE, but bios+a+ic comes from an entirely different headspace. Political, yes, but 'Blood For Oil' also serves as an excellent (if unsettling) document of the whole debacle that is the war/occupation. Absolutely effective (especially the masterful 24-minute opening track) and a highly recommended release.” Godsend Recommended if you like, Muslimgauze, Main, Scanner, Shinjuku Theif, Tribes of Nuerot, Controlled Bleeding, Rapoon http://symbolicinsight.com/blood_for_oil Purchase/free streaming, https://biostatic.bandcamp.com/album/blood-for-oil

froZen by bios+a+ic + Tanker is available digitally

froZen by bios+a+ic and Tanker was originally release by symbolic insight on March 9, 2007 in conjunction with the Frozen Dead Guys Days Festival in Nederland, Colorado, as a limited edition of 100 units, which quickly sold out. This epic album sonically documents one of the coldest winters in decade and reflects upon the strage annual festival which exploits a frozen old man. The music is edgy ambient noise and drones combined with field recordings of the artists walking on the frozen river and reservoir. It features bios+a+ic's lush effects-laden trumpet, time stretched looping, and minimal sound textures. These elements are combined with Tanker's warping analog synthesizer, pulsing rhythms, and glitched blips. Vince Herman of legendary bluegrass band, Leftover Salmon, stated that it was the trippiest album he had ever heard. froZen is a powerful and unique musical statement which takes the listener to a strange and beautiful world which exists in either outer space or inner Earth. This release was the final recording made by mountain man and artist, Tanker, as he left the world the following summer. The album ends with his voice speaking over his synth. May he rest in peace.

Recommended if you like; Rapoon, Nurse with Wound, Brian Eno, Silverman, Steve Roach, Experimental Audio Research, Coil https://biostatic.bandcamp.com/album/frozen

texture blue by bio+a+ic available for digital download

"While living in Seattle, I collaborated musically with numerous amazing players. This CD is a showcase of textures featuring some of the best recorded moments captured live at Symbolic Insight Studios (Intonarumori, Vance Galloway, Xaxis Wye, Jim Deal)." - bios+a+ic Review from The Stranger, Vol 13 No 26: Subliminal lowercase drones and ominous pulses emit from the cryptic catacombs of sound sorcerer Wesley Davis and fellow aural alchemists Intonarumori, Xaxis Wye, Jim Deal, and Vance Galloway. Their Texture Blue CD tunnels through inner space with a microcosmic, mystical richness. This is music for new, alien rituals or soundtracks for 22nd-century science-fiction films. It's at once amorphously disturbing and chillingly tranquil. I don't want to know how bios+a+ic work this dark magic. ~ DAVE SEGAL, The Stranger, Seattle, Washington. https://biostatic.bandcamp.com/album/texture-blue