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We are Roadside Revival!

We are Roadside Revival!

Our music is strictly Americana (folk, country, blues). Sounds of the Workers, the Farmers, and the Immigrant. All songs tell a story, a true story of sorts.

We are not just some rich-kid wanna-bees wantin' to be rockstars, but we are The Real Deal.

We are Sons and Daughters of Farmers--of Depression-Era-Born Mechanics --Friends of the Hobo-Hillbillies. We are Brothers and Sisters of the Roadside!

We play as a 2-4 piece and are completely contained as far as equipment goes. We just show up, set up and play, we are experienced professionals! We are The Workers and our job is to make you Laugh, to Smile, to Sing, to Rejoice and maybe even to touch your soul.

Currently we have a 12-14 song set which can be tailored down to any alotted time slot . We are in pre-production for our first record. You can listen to a poorly recorded live rehearsal here on our Myspace Page.

Brothers & Sisters of the Roadside, until we meet I leave you with...

Many Many Thanks and Bona Fide Regards,

J.S. Hayes