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Good Things To Come

2011 has been a great year of creating so far and we are very pleased with the music we have in the works! Promotion is moving along wonderfully and there are some big things cooking for the near future as well! Keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we are rising to the top! We couldn't do it though without our loyal fans!!! Thanks to you all for helping us make this happen!

Things are looking up

The music has some magic behind it .. itslike i cant stop listening to them I feel like thats happening to us all once we listen to it..Im in the studio now with sonny Base creating a song called raise the kids .. this one is heart felt and needed .....Lets do our part and be aprt in helping some body ...Your #1 homie Sound slayer

To All my New Fans

This is The beginning of years of good music ...We going to experience Some years of our lives together ..Here we Go ..To the top together...#1 Homie sound Slayer

Preview of work to come

Im going to leave these songs up for one week they are all ruff drafts but its all for the love