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"Here & now"

A new song and video to match!! Enjoy!

New Track

What's happening Nation?Just dropped another version of "On the Edge of Bliss",an Acoustic version.I hope you guys dig it.Let me know what you think.Wishing you all a fantastic weekend.God Bless!!!

VooDoo After Dark

Just released a live song,titled VooDoo After Dark!!I havent mastered it,I realize the treble is high and the bass is off.All in all,tell me what you think,what it needs.Have a great week!!!!!!

Upcoming music

The 3 songs that are available ,were created by me as solo projects.I am just mastering some live songs that contain the Very Talented Brad Smith on drums.Should be done shortly.

'On The Edge Of Bliss'

I hope you like this new cut.Have a great weekend and do what you love.....MAKE MUSIC!

I can't stand (The Pain)

I just uploaded a new song.Tell me what you think.The lyrics are kind of sketchy.I recorded this song in about 30 minutes.I laid down a quick little keyboard drum loop,added a church organ,sang the words freestyle and then put the guitar over top.So it is what it is.I hope yall like it.Have a Blessed day!!!!

'Hangin On'

Hope you like this jam! It Is kind of like a movie trailer jam.Play it on the way to work ,loudly!!