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I know you are out there. I can hear you breating.

Wow. just noticed my last blog entry was about 30 months ago. That probably isn't exactly correct and is a weird way of saying almost 2 and 1/2 years. It probably doesn't matter as I don't think anyone looked at it, aside from myself, and that was only a couple of times. Meanwhile, we have been through several drummers and probably received a few thousand invites and submission opportunities that were totally irrelevant to anything anyone from this planet would think this band would or should be involved in. Most notably, Afton. Out of morbid curiosity, I delved into this. Even after reading an unbelievable amount of negative warnings about this company and all of the pseudonyms the company has used over the past to cover its tracks, I couldn't help myself. They didn't want money up font and didn't seem to care we were an Athens band even though they only dealt with Atlanta venues. They asked us to sell tickets, which I was unable to do and let them know, thinking that we just wouldn't get to play. No response. We go play. We have another show with them. I finally get this nasty email from Mike Rady about how I misled him and how pathetic it was we couldn't sell any tickets. I responded saying I did email him about not selling any tickets and I was sorry, but I tried my best. I also told him I didn't think the next one would be any better, so should we just plan on not playing. No response. Then, robo, generic emails start coming about promoting the next show. I keep emailing this guy. No response. We go to the venue where the local rep. is an hour and a half late (same deal on the first gig). The club owner shows up. It is 5 or 6 band bill and getting close to time to set up and check, so we unload all our gear. We don't know the order, so we are just standing in the parking lot with the other bands and our gear waiting. She finally shows up and tells us we can't play. I have my confirmation email that says otherwise, and she says all she knows is there is a note on her schedule that we are not to play. She was nice enough, though late and uninformed, and was willing to try to contact Mr. Rady herself when I asked her. He didn't responded to her either. I had taken off work, driven 2 hours and spent hours trying to contact this guy to make sure this didn't happen. In the grand scheme of things, the worst part is how he hung his rep. out to dry. A lot of guys in bands I know, would have absolutely gone ballistic and caused a huge problem.

May Days

Been recording with Dodd Ferrelle out at his studio in Winterville. Playing Memorial Day at the Caledonia with Todd McBride, Dodd, and Pet Volcano.

What does that say about you?

I am not much of a blogger,actually this is my first experience with blogging, unless you count Bear and I playing the UGA Art History Society Blog Launch party at the GO BAR in Feb, which was awesome. The folks from the Art History Society were great and seemed to really enjoy our set. Alas, we did not get to blog; just play and sing. As I mentioned before, this is my first blog experience, but from what I can surmise thus far, it is a lot like sex, in that it is more enjoyable when other people are involved, so please join in.

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