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Simon. LeicesterBangs.co.uk

...singer-songwriter Chuck Williams owes a debt to folkies like James Taylor, but he does enough on 'Lightning In A Bottle' to indicate he’s his own man. Strong songs and a keen delivery are at the album’s core. The playing is tight and lucid, and the arrangements get quickly to the point allowing Williams to get his message across. If you’re in the market for a new singer-songwriter with something to say, be sure to check him out. Simon. LeicesterBangs.co.uk

Boston Strong Music Project

Boston Strong Music Project

After seeing the media coverage of the Boston Marathon I was clearly shocked at the tragedy of the day. As someone who respects the Patriot’s Day tradition and as someone who has run the race, I just couldn’t believe what I was viewing on the TV screen. The sights and sounds of the day, the support of so many and the pain of those who were directly affected by the bombs is burned into the collective consciousness of the country. For days I watched as the story unraveled and then the song writer within me kicked in. The song ‘From Boston’s Streets’ is what was written. I’m proud to be on the Boston Strong Music Project and hope that in some small way the project can ease the pain of those that were in harms way.

This compilation was created by the musicians of Boston for the people of Boston to bring hope back to our city through music. Some songs were pre recorded and donated by artists while others were recorded live at the 88.9 WERS studio at Emerson College. All of the songs are specifically designed to provide hope and to help all of those affected by the recent tragedies in our city.

At Hold on Another Day, the mission is to connect people and causes, through music. We believe that music is power and has the ability to heal us, even through the most tragic events. We invite you to donate what you can and download this mix to connect with the emotions these musicians put into their songs.

All proceeds will be donated to One Fund Boston to support the victim's families. We truly believe that listening to these songs can help you find strength and peace. Please help us achieve our goal of helping others "Hold on another Day!"

The digital compilation can be ordered from:


Election Campaign Song...'I Want My Country Back'

Just wanted to provide a link to sound cloud for you to hear a tune for the election campaign 'season'.

Michael Troy went into the studio to record a new version of 'I Want My Country Back' with Chuck Williams. These two songwriters have written a powerful song that has the potential to rattle the cages of politicians everywhere for years to come. They had worked together on the song a few years back and Chuck had it on his 2010 CD 'Lightning In A Bottle'. Since then they have re-arranged the song, dropped the reference to a recent war removing the timestamp and placed the song squarely into the election campaign mode by challenging citizens and politicians alike to break the mold and start off in a new direction. The single was released on August 1st on CDbaby, iTunes, Reverbnation & Soundcloud but this is not about sales though... it is about the message.

'I Want My Country Back' to listen go to http://www.reverbnation.com/michaeltroy

or download direct from Soundcloud at http://soundcloud.com/chuckwilliamsmusic (click the down arrow)

Help rattle the political cage and send this info around to your friends@!

Adventures from the Jungle

Adventures from the Jungle, Well, I had the greatest of adventures heading to Britt, Iowa, for the 111th National Hobo Convention. I was immediately overtaken with wanderlust as I headed south on Rte 35 from Minneapolis heading for the corn state in search of a musical field of dreams. I had no idea when I wrote Steam Train Maury that there was a Hobo Museum, a Hobo Foundation or a National Hobo Convention...but when I arrived in Britt, there it was, Hobo Heaven. The whole town was geared up for a fun weekend of events, arts, crafts and entertainment..why there were proclomations, coronations and even a Hobo Wedding presided over by former King, Hobo Spike!

After I scoped the town out and whet my whistle to wash away the dust I headed to seek out Flatcar Frank in the Hobo Jungle along the tracks in the shadows of the silos. You see Britt, Iowa is a grain town founded by the railroad, for the railroad and remains about the railroad. The late 50's style buildings and Main street made you think that Marty McFly would speed by in the McLaren time machine any minute. Fortunately Flatcar Frank was there to show me around and give me the inside scoop on the town and the lay of the land. Well, before I knew it I was a sitting down near the soon to be lit campfire swapping stories, shootin the bull and listening to tunes sung by new friends written by their departed friend and fellow hobo, Liberty Justice. I hung out with the likes of Backwoods Jack, Frog, Tuck, Redbird, Slim Tim, Peacher Steve and the Colinwood Kid not to mention the better half of the crowd like soon to be crowned queen Minneapolis Jewel, Connecticutt Shortie, Sunrise, the Serenity Sisters and Mad Mary... who isn't mad at all.

There was never an idle moment, Thursday was the big Pig Roast for dinner with all the fixin's followed by the Ceremony of the Four Winds where the lighting of the campfire was attended by hundreds. Friday was a moving Memorial Ceremony for those who 'caught the westbound' during the past year. Saturday was the big parade including the Hobo float , the coronation of the new King and Queen and of course, Mulligan stew. Every night there was music around the campfire provided by hobo musicians. In true folk tradition there was a pass the hat for those musicians while many others took part in the hobo shuffle, a celebratory dance around the campfire. The setting was awesome...a stage in front of an old tree near the tracks where musicians basked in the glow of the campfire with a full moon as their spotlight. I have to tell you there was some great songs that came out in front of that campfire. Every night the session ended with a jam band of Harmonica Don, Trucker Phil, the Serenity Sisters and former Hobo Queen Sunrise. I had the honor of joining them Friday and Saturday night for those final sets....a wonderful experience. If you want to know more ask me the next time I'm within your circle. I have stories...I'll tell you about my 2 Main Street Museum shows... and I may have a new song or two about life on the rails.

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Harmony, Chuck

How many sites does it take to .......

How many sites does it take to ......get a Songwriters music 'out there'? www.chuckwillliamsmusic.com www.myspace.com/chuckwilliamsmusic www.sonicbids.com/chuckwilliamsmusic www.reverbnation.com/chuckwilliamsmusic www.youtube.com/wilbefishin www.facebook.com/chuckwilliamsmusic No....I do not tweet....no flippin time cause I am on these other sites and living life!