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New year ... a fresh start

Greetings everyone, and Happy New Year! Just thought I'd drop a line and tell everyone our plans for the new year. We have been busy trying to get through the holidays, and still try to be productive.

I'd like to start off by saying thank you so much to everyone who has followed us, and taken an interest in our band. Your continued support has meant so much to us, and we appreciate y'all for it!

I guess I'll start with live shows...

We've had some difficulty getting people out to our shows in the past, so as a result we may be limiting the number of live shows we play this year locally. We still enjoy bringing the music to y'all live, it just may be only every 3 to 4 months in the future. We're hoping that by doing this, we can put even more into our shows and continue to try build only the best line up of bands to play with us. On the plus side, we're thinking this may open up the opportunity for us to branch out a bit and take the show on the road. So any cities within a few hours drive of Charlotte, are on the table. If your interested in us coming to your city, let us know. Advanced discount tickets will still be available at www.damseldown.com for all shows when available.

On to the good stuff...THE MUSIC!

We are still writing new material and are very pleased with what we have already. As a band we believe our writing is getting better all the time and can't wait to let everyone hear what we've come up with.

With that in mind, we are also considering the way in which we will have our music available to you the listener. It is very costly for us to duplicate and print CD's. We are considering no longer pressing CD's and only making the music available digitally. If we go that route we believe we can speed up the process in which we turn out new material (i.e. releasing tracks individually as they are completed), and as a result get them in your hands quicker, and with minimal cost to you. It is just very hard to let go of that need/want to have something physical. Let us know what you think.

With that in mind...There may be some funds available for more diverse merch ideas, and possibly more videos to come. The video for "Shine" seemed to go over well, so maybe we can entertain the idea for another video if we can free up some capital. Also I personally would like to see more of a video type blog/update every few months, posted just to keep everyone up to date with the band.

Please let us know what you think of any of these ideas and more if you have it. We really appreciate your interest in our music, and hope you enjoy it as much as we like making it. Check back here at our reverb page,or www.damseldown.com for more info. And please TELL A FRIEND about us! Thanks a bunch!!


World Premiere of "Lift Me Up"

Hey everyone! Lots of new stuff happening lately! First and foremost.. Our new single Lift Me Up will premiere worldwide on Nov. 8th at 9pm GMT.on the Reputation Label Radio Show. (4pm EST)It's an online radioshow/chatroom that is totally interactive "live" with the on air personalities and listeners as the show happens. It's way fun, and a great way to hear the best independent music in the world! Please join up, and check it out!! While there, please tell them how great the new tune is, and vote for us for artist of the week! www.reputationlabel.com