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Another Indie Music Channel Award!

We won "Best Easy Listening Band" for our song "Where Are We Now" in the 2015 Radio Music Awards by Indie Music Channel! http://www.theradiomusicawards.com/easylisteningwins.html

Indie Music Channel Award!

Honored to win "Best Rock Band" in The Indie Music Channel Awards for "Dorothy"! http://www.theindiemusicchannel.com/IMCA3rockwinners.htm

Broadjam's Top 10 Rock-Classic Chart

Just made the Top 10 on Broadjam's Rock-Classic Chart with our song "Missing The Turn"!

Indie Music Channel Awards

Wow! Just found out that we've been nominated for "Best Rock Band" in The Indie Music Channel Awards for our song "Dorothy"!

Left-Handed Musicians?

Linda and I are identical mirror twins. I was left-handed, but our Mom was of the old school of thought that it was a right-handed world so she decided that I should become right-handed. I remember having trouble learning to write and tie my shoes(no velcro back then). In fact I blocked it out and spent my whole life thinking that I was right-handed until we went out to the big twins festival in Twinsburg, Ohio and found out that we were mirror twins. Our older sister and Aunt Mary confirmed it when we got back home. I really believe that playing musical instruments saved me from becoming dyslexic. Did you know that playing a musical instrument is the ONLY activity that uses BOTH the left AND right side of the brain? So all you “lefties” out there that think you have to flip the guitar over ‘cause you’re left-handed, please don’t! You were born with an advantage- all the fingering on the neck is done with the left hand. Did you ever see anyone play the violin on their right shoulder instead of their left?

Road Stories- part 2

After the fire we set out to replace our equipment. Linda's first bass was a fender precision fretless bass and back in the early 70's they were hard to find. There just weren't a lot of fretless bass players around. The only one we knew of was our friend, "Big Jim" Fegely the violin maker, and he bought a regular bass and took the frets off himself. So we couldn't just walk into any music store and buy one; hence, we ordered one that was supposed to arrive in 3 weeks just before our next job. When we went to the store that morning the owner came excitedly running out the store to greet us- "You'll never believe this! Your bass didn't come in- I couldn't get it because they're so rare they said it would take a year to get it, but the day it was supposed to arrive I got this delivery!" He took us over to a case that contained a fretless bass just like the one she had ordered and proceeded to tell us that he had ordered this bass a year ago- so long ago that he had forgotten he had ordered it, but it just happened to show up on the same day that the one she had ordered was supposed to arrive! Wow...talk about fate....

Road Stories- part 1

Our first trip out on the road years ago was with a show band- "The Kenny Charles Show". We left in august that year & were playing 6 nights a week. November we were booked for 3 weeks at a club in Toledo, OH playing 5 nights a week. We thought it was great having 2 nights off instead of 1, but we only got to play 1 night. That night after we were done performing the mafia blew up the club with all our equipment in it! We had just finished paying off our new equipment & had applied for insurance, but the insurance wasn't final 'til the day after the fire so we had to start all over again. A fireman went in what was left of the building(3 walls were still standing) & retrieved an old antique stewart banjo for us- don't know how this was the only thing to survive the fire. Of course it was badly burned & when we got back to our motel we put it in the bath tub. You can imagine what the room smelled like! Eventually our good friend, Jim Fegley, who was an excellent violin maker & restorer repaired it for us. It wasn't even ours. Another good friend, Don Gardener, left us take it on the road. After all that he told us to just keep it. It's hanging on our wall. We learned the hard way to never leave anything behind that you can pack up and take with you 'til the next night! The next story will be how Linda replaced her fretless bass.