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HUGE NEWS: Back to the Roots

Here is our big news for the holiday season. After seven or eight months of exploration and growing pains, Endeverance has regrouped to the long time original members: Luke, Matt, Ryan, Seth and me (John). We treasure the support we were given by family, friends, and fans through a difficult and confusing past several months. To make a long story short, for years the five of us held a harmonious vision and passion: to better understand God though the passion He gave us for music and to share this passion with the world. Last May is when that last part of the vision got hazy in the eyes of Endeverance as a whole—the part about sharing it with the world.

We’ve been rockin’ with the northwest for a number of years and started branching out to the west coast and mid west. For a couple years we’d planned on making a big transition last May to touring full time around the country. When May came fast, Matt and Luke didn't feel like it was the right time in their lives to make this jump. But they didn't want to hold back our long time vision. It was a surreal and difficult decision, but we all felt like Matt and Luke would be leaving the band to keep the vision moving forward. Ryan, Seth, and I started looking for a guitar player and drummer. We met and jammed with some awesome and talented musicians with great hearts. One of them, Zach, was so awesome that we asked him be in the band for awhile. Though, as months went on, while feeling like a family was broken apart, we realized that, yes, there is a vision for Endeverance to share what we rock for to the world, but that vision won’t move forward without Matt and Luke because a greater purpose of the band is for it to be a family. So here we are. We decided that the essence of Endeverance is the relationship among God, Matt, Luke, Seth, Ryan, and me, and how we express that through music in the time and places we're given regardless of how big or small they are. So what does this mean? Well, we're not exactly sure yet. We don't know how much we'll be able to play or tour over the next couple years or when we'll pop out another album (my mind is on babies because Ryan and Kate just had a beautiful baby girl!). Our mindset is to stick together as a family no matter what, even if that means our passion won’t branch out to the rest of the country for a couple years.

The past months have taught us all not to rush God’s plan and not to give Him limits or conditions on what we’ll do or where we’ll go. It’s hard not knowing what He has planned for the next step, but we’re letting Him decide what the steps should be. He is our delight, so we’re confident and at peace knowing that what’s ahead is more exciting, good, and fulfilling than anything we could plan on our own. The future of Endeverance is in God's hands and for His use. That's the best place to be. We wouldn't take back the crazy roller coaster ride of the past several months because of how much we've all grown and the friendship we found with Zach, an incredible drummer and even greater guy.

With all our hearts, thank you all for sticking with us through this, and we’re eager to see what comes next. I hope you all were able to get the free download of our version of "O Holy Night" from our Facebook or Reverbnation pages. We were so excited to get the family back together that we threw this single together in a couple days before Christmas—a little gift for all of you wonderful, inspirational, talented, and beautiful people.

Tough News but Not Without Hope

Mind blowing things have happened with us in the past couple months—some exciting, some heart breaking. This update is long overdue and hopefully will help everyone understand why we haven’t played any shows or updated much on the web recently. I’ll start with the exciting news first: Ryan and his wife Kate are having a baby! Wow, he’s the first in the band to get married and now the first to have a kid as well. The rest of us have some catching up to do. We’re all super excited and can’t wait to be like uncles—I’ll turn her/him into a bass player in no time. Luke and I just graduated college. It was definitely a rigorous last few months, but we did it. Many times we were doing homework back stage or late after the shows, but we love the extreme lifestyle of having crazy hours and no sleep—how could you not when you play music? Well on to the hard stuff. There’s no easy way to say this. There’s a reason why I couldn’t write about this for at least a couple months—it’s still hard to talk about. Matt and Luke are no longer playing in Endeverance. This was quite a hard decision for them to make, but they feel that God is leading them on to different endeavors. For most of you that know us, you know that the five of us are like a family. Matt is literally my brother, but the rest of us consider each other brothers. Matt, Luke, Seth, and I have been friends since we were ten years old and started playing music together ever since. We met Ryan in drivers ed class! It’s been us five ever since. Matt and Luke will always be a part of the Endeverance family. This is only the beginning of an amazing new chapter with Endeverance. We weren’t sure what to do for a couple months; we were all in shock and grieving, but I want to assure everyone that Endeverance is not giving up—the adventure continues! The name Endeverance is a combination of the words endurance and deliverance. The band revolves around a Hope that can deliver us all from the complexities in life by helping us endure and become stronger. We’re not giving up. It might be a couple months before we get back on our feet and start playing full on with two new members, but Ryan, Seth, and I are planning on doing some acoustic sets until them. We’ll post them on our website and profiles; we’d love to see you guys and get to talk more personally about what’s going on with our lives and yours as well. Sincerely, John

New Songs plus Tour

We are excited for the future of Endeverance! Right now we are in the process of planning a spring break tour. For all who are wondering why we don’t tour more often, it is because two members are finishing up college. We are using spring break as an opportunity to hit the road. The tour will mainly be along the west coast. We will update you all with more details as we know them. We have also been in the process of writing and thinking about the direction of our next album! We realize that “Avenues” has a lot of life left, but we always try to continuously write and prepare ourselves for future projects… And we love creating! We would love input from you all about where you would like to see the direction of the next album to go? After all, our music is for all of you anyway! Stay tuned for more updates!