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Show at Mad Frog July 31st

For those who have attended the show on the 31st and those who did not Andy (guitarist) was electrocuted during the second song of their set. After being checked out he is fine just a little buzzed lol. We know those who was there were worried, but he tells us that he is fine, and is ready for the next show. Quoted from the man himself "Man, that's rock and roll for ya." But he will be completely fine for our next show which is another battle of the bands at Wildman Walkers Bar in Cincinnati. The Bar's name itself is Boomerangs. So stop by and check us out and see if Andy Gets electrocuted again! hahahahahaha later. Erratik Brew

New to Reverbnation!

hey to those we know and those to we don't! thanks for stopping by and if you are new thanks for checking us out and hope you like what we are attempting to do! Contact us anytime! Andy Erratik Brew