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Contest Mutha Luvas!

I just thought of something fun! I'm starting a contest! Write me, in your own words, a little something about your life or something interesting that might have happened. It can really be anything. I'm gonna pick one of the entries and turn it into a song. The winner will be mentioned on the album and receive a free copy of it once it's released!

send any entries to jamesbittelmusic@gmail.com

title the email's "contest" so I make sure not to loose any.

Excited to hear back James!

It's Business Time!!

Oh yeah, just sat down to write today and realized I had gone way over the amount of material I had intended to write for the first cd. So it's time to head into the studio and get it done! Hopefully this will be one of the last times my page is filled with crappy iphone recordings lol.

Show on the 20th

Finally booked a show at the Webster Underground on 4/20! Come out and show your support for all the local bands. It's $8.00s a ticket if you buy from me or $10.00s at the door. Message me for more info. Seeya all there Jim