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Old Montreal

Bonjour! Just got back from a family vacation to Quebec. Old world charm in North America.


I found these unrealsed songs on my computer. Forgot I even recorded some of these. day job is getting in way of my music.

My daughter turns 18

Katherine and I share the same birthday. She is our only child and we are very proud of her. As for me, I am getting close to being a grown-up turning 56. I figure in a couple more years I will be considered fully matured.


Song for lovey Wife for her birthday,

New Tunes

Just recorded and released two new songs. 50 cent hat is a cool big band jazz tune that was written by a good friend of mine Steve McKee a few years back with the band The Turbo's. West coast Blues is a Wes Montgomery tune that reminds me allot of Killer Joe. Had the opportunity to travel to the westcoast (Portland)last weekend and played at my buddies church. I can now officially say I have played on both coasts. Saw Eric Clapton last Monday evening. Eric has not lost anything and in fact is better than he has ever been. What a show.

Just Being With You

Just in time for Valentines Day. A beautiful heartfelt song written for my lovely wife of 19 years. The song features me on alto, accoustic guitar, and chromatic harmonica. I had fun trying to figure out how to use the slide for the harmonica. I orginally released the song with a bari sax track played by my producer Adam Rouse. It was very good, but the alto gives the song a different feel. Hope you enjoy, and Happy Valentines Day!

100 Miles from Nowhere

Just released 100 miles from nowhere. Actually, I guess you have to be somehere but last week I was in Americas heartland and if sure seemed like it. Anyway, got a creative idea to write, record and release an Americana influenced song. Windmills, barns, snow covered fields as far as you could see. Good to be back home, but glad I was somewhere, 100 Miles from Nowhere. Enjoy!

Back to the Tool Shed

Just wrote, recorded, produced and released Back to the Tool Shed. The title says it all. The tool shed, garage, basementment.....whatever is a requirement for us XYers who need a moment in the man cave. Over the years, the tool shed has housed more than just tools.........it is a doorway into a different dimention. Sometime a quick visit can cange your whole perspective on the day. Anyway, hope you enjoy the tune. I recorded it with a 15 dollar guitar that I picked up at GoodWill. It is a strat style, and a good travel guitar for a weary road warrior.

Snow and Ice

I've had a great time playing in the snow and ice with my dog Dexter. Makes me feel like a kid again. It does not snow very often in Charlotte, and when it does it is special. There is an unwritten rule here in the south that everyone goes into hibernation at the first hint of snow. It was great to see all of the families with small children out sledding. What a great excuse to wind down, bundle up, and take a few days off to recharge our batteries. The sun will be out tomorrow, and life will slowly get back to normal. Wish it could last longer, but all good things come to and end.

Morning Coffee

Greetings, I am a performer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist (guitar, saxophone, harmonica) who enjoys creating and sharing my own unique style of music. I just released "Morning Coffee", a CD (cool jazz) that features 10 of my very own creations. I will be busy promoting "Morining Coffee" in 2009. This is my first go round at promotion so wish me luck....and share my site to your jaZZ friends. My musical style for my own creations ranges from cool jazz instrumentals to light fusion. My music features melodic lead lines grooving to a cool rhythm rythm section and held together by a solid durmmer and percussionist....all with a hint of latin flair. Because it is instrumental, my stuff can be enjoyed by anyone.....................anywhere in the digatal world. I regularly perform with my own group "The Mack Attack Jazz Ensemble". You can check us out at www.themackattackband.com. The Mack Attack performs for corporate, private, a some public events. A little about me, I am a light hearted, zaney creature who loves life and people. I have been playing guitar for 33 years and it has been my best friend and a constant and dependable companion throughout the years. I picked up playing the harmonica in college..... hanging out at keg parties. Not many of us harmonica players around anymore, it's such a unique instrument and sound. With respect to saxophone, I have been playing for 25 years. mostly as a second instrument but enjoy it very much. Outside of being a musician, I am into boating, cycling, home projects, and red wine. I have a dog named Dexter who is my best friend in the whole world. Before I kick the bucket, I hope to teach yoga, skydive, gig in Europe, and see Alaska and Hawaii.....oh and hopefully..... maybe....jut maybe..........leave a positive impression on some folks along the way. Keep checking back for new tunes and information about performances, and my progress in marketing my songs. I would love to hear from you so hit me up at johnlopez0121@hotmail.com