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Mucis City Hip Hop Awards 2016

Awards Cole Jonique as 2016 Female R&B Winner

Cole Jonique Now On ITUNES & Nominated for HHV Awards

Finally Available on Itunes My new song "Find Me"http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/find-me-single/id536980491?ign-mpt=uo%3D4 Written & Arranged By Cole Jonique Produced By Quazar Shaw Engineered By Broadway This song is about waiting on love to happen & being patient. You dont find Love- It Finds You! Please log in, rate & review & yes download for $.99

Also once again, I am nominated for best Female R&B for the 2012 "Hip Hop In the Ville" Awards. I would appreciate your votes & support!http://hiphopintheville.com/vote_38.html

Much Love & Thanks, for your continued support! Cole Jonique

I breathe with music on my mind.

I breathe with music on my mind. I hum melodies all day long...Happy, Sad,Sick. Sometimes I dont want to verbally talk to anyone. Sometimes the only communication I have to give is song


The hardest thing to do - is keep going - thats why its the most rewarding to life when you can see your growth & progress face you back in the mirror.


Please stay tuned