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What's in the works

Hi All,

This is Whitney's dAD filling in for her till she is back from her http://www.peopletopeople.com Student Ambassador trip to Europe. She is back Tuesday.

We learned a couple days ago the studio is going to record a couple more sounds before school starts so we have the first work session Wednesday night

Also Wednesday we are meeting Missy who is doing the electronic pres kit (EPK) which will posted for you to see as soon as we have it.

And least but not least, we get to see the rough edit on the Watching Over You video on Friday.

Putting it together

Hi All,

When I started this summer recording and doing a music video it was a fun idea. Now we are trying to put it all together.

Putting it together means getting the music in the eStores like iTunes and eMusic. Building a fan club and getting people to listen to and enjoy my music. I am hoping you will help me.

I would really like your ideas on ways to get people to listen to my music. Please let me know your ideas and what you are thinking.

If you join the mailing list as a Street Team member, we will have a couple of get togethers here this summer.



Emma Taylor
Emma Taylor  (about 8 years ago)

am i to late to have a gettogether????????? plz say youll do one THIS summer!!!!!!!!!!!! is Massachusetts to far away? plz say no. lol. i just love you to much........... no homo