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Life Lessons Vol II - 4/1/2015

Why Life Lessons Vol. II? I write about life and expose my experiences as a way to give a voice for some of the folks that would not otherwise. I do not write about hypothetical things or create stories that just rhyme nice. Its actual experiences and I try to mix them with melodies and rhythms that inspire hope and positivity. One thing I will tell you, this installment will be more detailed and it will showcase my rhyming skills as showcased on "Life Struggles & Mystical Connection." I will open up about my experiences lived in the City of Los Angeles and expose the issue of rape among college communities as in "Loving Soul". I have also experimented with a Bachata in English cover called, "Tell it like it is" and a Jon Bellion Cover called "Simple and Sweet." All in all, I am very happy to be living my dream and in fact doing what my college professor told me I could not do. That my friends is to be a a Music Artist & Producer. On the road for greatness but it all starts with being happy and having a mission in life. I hope this piece of Art can connect to good vibes!!! Blessings, Ivan Paredes aka Jahny Wallz The Life Lessons EP will showcase Official Release April 1st, 2015 1. Life Struggles feat. J. Steezy and EV Dub 2. My heart is yours 3. Mystical Connection (Studio Version / Remix) 4. Simple and Sweet (Jon Bellion cover) 5. Tell it like it is (Aaron Neville cover in Bachata) 6. Loving Soul 7. Bonus: Eastside (off the Life Lessons Mixtape)

Raza Fest 2012 - Oct 13-14th

Finally! A long awaited vision/goal/movement is revived. Raza Fest will celebrate our unique diversity of the new world while honoring our ancestors and paying homage to our roots and Identity. Nothing but love, music, community empowerment, and hope. www.facebook.com/razafest

Life Lessons Mixtape

Finally, I have released my long awaited CD. The songs on this cd mark some of the most intmate songs I've ever written. ENJOY!! www.jahnywallz.com