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Where's the peace, the order?

I was playing bass Tuesday night at Disco Volante in Oakland.

Suddenly the doors opened and a bunch of young people ran in while the owner shut the door behind them. A smell like old fireworks followed them in, and the drummer grimaced.

Outside, women knelt in the streets, faces toward the sky, while friends poured water on their reddening eyes. Then they would run again. Our music was sometimes counterpointed by announcements from loudspeakers: "This is an illegal protest! If you do not leave in five minutes, regardless of your intent, you will be subject to chemical agents!" All the while, helicopters shined lights down onto the streets.

Whoever ordered this attack in the name of peace and order does not know what peace or order is.

Colin Williams, San Francisco

I was wrong

I was wrong about something. There are still people in the bay are who don't know there is an occupy movement, a general strike, and that there has been so much disruption in Oakland. After talking to a bunch of parents from Yates (elementary). The 99% do in fact need to scream louder to get there message out. I had just thought them being pushy after living in a park for 2 weeks and a riot and all, for sure everyone must know... everyone must know, right? Wrong. So sorry for being annoyed with you folks. I apologize to you all. Keep on pushing until everyone is informed and can be a part of the process even by there refusal to participate in your movement. But objection should be based on conscious action, not an ignorant inaction.http://youtu.be/x9BG4GEt-MM ^CBIII

Oakland iUprise

Tonight I witnessed hundreds of people take the streets because they feel that justice has been lost. They feel slighted, left behind, cast off, they have been outmoded. They can't afford the newest iPhone or the latest Google gadgetry. They work, eat and live from paycheck to paycheck.

Tonight they ran in and out of my phrasing. I was forced to accept that they have a plight and it is my own. We have had separate and unequal reactions to this struggle called the american dream.

My reaction has been to put my head down and work harder. Write more. Learn more skills. They are either farther down the road than I, or experiencing there human empathy for those who are not capable of lifting themselves to the new social norm of working far more than one is capable of in order to purchase things one doesn't need. But I can, and so I do, I don't occupy.

I find myself 10 feet below the surface when trying to understand what thought could be rendered in the head of another by willing fully being tortured repeatedly.

Until I find the top let my art guide you.

Occupy your heart!