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De CSL Jr. band is een bluesband uit Missouri, die met hun debuut 'Voice Of The Heart" garant staan voor een uurtje "ouwe stijl" bluesrock. Een jaren tachtig geluid, met de gitaar op de voorgrond, zo eentje dat je zin geeft om luchtgitaar te gaan spelen in 't midden van de kamer, denk aan Savoy Brown, Foghat, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Z.Z Top en aanverwante bands. Bandleider, songschrijver en gitarist Chuck Lancaster is bijgestaan door de tweede gitarist Jamey Sheppard, voor de zang staat Greg Lefholz garant en de ritme sectie bestaat uit bassist Les Gifford en Carl Micheal.

Greg Lefholz is een van de sterke elementen in deze band, een zanger met een krachtige en uitermate soulvolle stem, gelijkend op die van Jimmy Thackery, zodat in sommige nummers, vooral in het sterke "I Wonder" de overeenkomst met The Nighthawks eveneens groot is. En andere sterke song is de pure blues "New Loving" met Wayne Stevens als gast op mondharmonica, met nogmaals een sterke act de presence van de 60 jarige Greg's gouden stembanden.

De tracks op deze cd klinken zoals ik al zei, ouderwets vertrouwd en tegelijkertijd anders. Er is voor elkeen wat op deze tien tracks tellende schijf, In he begin, na het beluisteren van de eerste twee tracks die beide nogal traditioneel bluesrock getint zijn, vreesde ik voor een non-stop verderzetting in dezelfde richting, maar gelukkig weten de jongens te boeien tot het einde, een akoestische song (Hangman), een funky shuffle met sterke gitaarpartijen (Bluzin' It) , full tilt boogie( Coup De Ville), gevoelige ballads (I Wonder) het zit er allemaal in, en wat voornamer is, één voor één sterk gebracht. The CSL Jr. Band, niet een naam die meteen vlot in de mond ligt, en waar hij voor staat is me ook niet echt duidelijk, maar muzikaal staan ze er wel.


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CD Review by Steve Jones at Crossroads Blues Society of Northern Illinois

Crossroads Blues Society of Northern Illinois

Voice of the Heart The CSL Jr. Band Lancaster Records (Self Released) www.myspace.com/thecsljrband 10 tracks/ I was wandering through MySpace Music and stumbled upon The CSL Jr. Band. I listened to them on My Space and liked them, so we swapped amenities on line and a few days later a CD appeared in my mailbox. These guys play a hard driving brand of blues based rock that remind me a little of ZZ Top, the early Marshall Tucker Band, and others of that genre. Hailing from Sedalia in the Show-Me State, these guys have laid down ten original tracks that really impressed me. They are not a bunch of guys sitting in their garage or basement trying to sound like someone else and playing a bunch of covers. They are creating new music based on their influences and likes and they have done a pretty damn good job of it. Greg Lefholz fronts the band as vocalist and he also contributed to the track “Coup DeVill”. His gritty and gut-wrenching vocals are super. Chuck Lancaster leads on guitar and had his pen in at least part of every track’s composition. Les Gifford play bass and Carl Michael is on drums, both providing a driving backdrop to the tunes. Jamey Shepherd is also on guitar and has credits involving four of the songs. The songs have the sound of the big, gnarly jam bands but the songs range from 2:41 to just over 5 minutes, so there is nothing overdone or overstated here. They present their songs in your face and when they are done they move on to the next track without getting lost in endless repeats without getting into so many differing takes on the chords and melody. I’m sure these guys could turn some tracks into 15 or minute jam sessions, but they have created some really nice songs and not just a means to jam. I don’t have a problem with jam bands, but some of them get lost in trying to prove something and miss the forest for the trees. These guys have created music within bounds and they deliver the goods within those bounds. The first cut opens with a driving beat as they give us “Big as TX”. It is a big and bouncing song and they do “play it big as Texas”. “All In” and “Coup DeVill” later on are similar, bigger than life, driving, almost rockabilly songs with the dual guitars banging out a groove and alternating the solos/leads. They can wail when they want to, but they are not afraid to let it hag out acoustically. In “Hangman” they get down and dirty into the blues and give us some acoustic guitar mixed in along with a little slide; it is quite well done with gutsy vocals and beautiful guitar work. The CD is filled with little gems of good stuff; “New Loving” adds a little harp and is a full fledged deep in the blues number that is one of the CD’s real stand outs. “Bluezin It” is a wicked guitar instrumental that features some stratospheric fret work by Lancaster. They also close out the album with another guitar-led instrumental entitled “Mason”. A simmering and slow southern blues rock with the rhythm guitar paralleling some of the stuff and filling in ever so nicely the rest of the time. As the song fades into the distance, it leaves me wanting to hear more of these guys. I hope I can catch up with them somewhere in the New Year and listen to these guys live; they have a hot CD with some great songs that really deserve that you give them a listen!

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[The CSL JR Band]

Santa Is Not The Only One Coming To Town!!! It's The CSL Jr. Band Live Via Skype!! On www.indieshowcase.net

Wed Dec 9th - 8:00PM CST ( That is Thurs Dec 10 at 1:00pm Sydney)

To Tune in : Simply go to www.indieshowcase.net or www.awesomeradio.net . Click the icon matching your player. Thats it! There are also players loaded in our myspace sites here already set to the station, just minimized and enjoy!

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For those who cannot make it , we will be recording the interview and setting it to podcast. So watch this site, www.indieshowcase.net and facebook. twitter etc.

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Be sure to tune in Dec.4 to the Blues and Friends Radio Show at www.golfbrekerradio.nl, and catch The CSL Jr Band interview with Bertwin Bijleveld. The interview will be around 6 pm (that's around 11 am Chicago timezone) be sure not to miss it!!!

Voice Of The Heart CD Review From Shashona At The Indie Showcase

Review for The CSL Jr Band

[CSL Jr. Band ]

CSL JR Band - Voices Of The Heart www.myspace.com/thecsljrband & www.reverbnation.com/thecsljrband Blues, Rock & Rockabilly Sedalia Missouri Band Members : Chuck Lancaster - Songwriter & Guitarist Jamey Shepherd - Guitar Les Gifford - Bass Carl Michael - Drums Greg LefHolz - Vocals Record Label - Lancaster Records Release Date - 2009 Album Playlist: 1) Big As TX 2) Don't Give Up On Me 3) All In 4) Bluesin It 5) Hangman 6) Lonely 7) Coupe Devill 8) I wonder 9) New Loving 10) Mason CSL JR Band released their album called Voice Of The Heart 2009. As I sit here listening to each track I am taken away. This is Old School Blues. The kind that moves into your soul and lives there for the duration of play. Guitar driven blues, strong drums & bass presence, this is the kind of blues that shakes yer bones!! The big voice of Greg LefHolz brings you into the music, the beat and the groove!!! He brings us back to some hard hitting blues. The kind of blues we love so much! Greg is the perfect lead vocal for these tracks. He has added depth and feeling to these tracks leaving us satisfied and in awe. It is obvious this man has the experience needed to sing the blues. It takes a certain knack not everyone can get away with. Greg has no problem mastering the blues. Chuck Lancaster together with Jamey Sheppard tear it up with those guitars. These guys are kick butt amazing! It doesn't matter if the track is upbeat or a low down blues groove. The boys know how to capture the limelight. They have a handle on these instruments and use them to lead us into guitar heaven. To me, a fine blues song has to have magnificent guitar riffs and solo spots. This album delivers!! Les Gifford on bass does a fantastic job on every track! Carl Michael is outstanding on drums. These two Muso's know their stuff. If the bass & drums aren't 100% sold on the tracks, its not going anywhere too fast. These guys are sold, sealed and delivered! They are the gell that holds it all together. CSL JR Band - Voices Of The Heart is an absolute treasure. If your a blues lover like I am, you are going to love this album. It's pure blues like your momma listened to. It's the kind of blues you get stuck into. I Loved it!!

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Tune in!! Interview with The CSL Jr Band Dec.4 on Blues and Friends!!

Hello all,

Be sure to tune in Dec.4 to the Blues and Friends Radio Show at www.golfbrekerradio.nl, and catch The CSL Jr Band interview with Bertwin Bijleveld. The interview will be around 6 pm (that's around 11 am Chicago timezone) be sure not to miss it!!!

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