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Re-Mixing Some Songs

Hook Jaw Brown - January 26, 2011

We are going into the studio to redo some bits and pieces of three songs, Parking Meter Blues, Life I Lived, and Fascar to Ride (Someday). Why? Well, we have been listening to our fans and their comments from Jango Radio (www.jango.com ). Jango is a paid service but the listeners give honest opinions and it is easy to go into the studio and re-record small sections. It is also a lot cheaper than paying a producer.

What is interesting is that the fans comments reflect what the critiques from Taxi A&R (www.taxi.com) and Hello Music (www.hellomusic.com ) have to say. An examples of the criticism was in the song Parking Meter Blues, the opening line was “I Hate L.A.”. If we want to sell the song to movies or TV it has to be generic. With that line the song could only be sold to a movie about L.A. (which it was). We are just going to delete the line.

The second example was in the song “Life I Lived”. The criticism said the first two lines gave away the song. We are going to replace the vocal lines with an acoustic guitar line, and maybe some mandolin. They were introduction vocal lines anyway.

The third example is in the song “Fascar to Ride (Someday). The lead section is played with a slide guitar. We got nothing but praise for all the parts EXCEPT the slide guitar lead. We are going to replace it with a pinchy ZZ Top style lead. How can you go wrong with ZZ Top!

What is always amusing is that the critics panned “Time Will Tell” but the fans on Jango gave it lots of ‘thumbs up’. Writing music is one of those occupations that you do the best you can building a song and hope that it floats.

Le Hook

Ariel Hyatt's Music Success in Nine Weeks

We started blogging about this book and the steps laid out to find some success in the new digital age. First step is Branding, so we came up with "Hook Jaw Brown - Honky Tonk Blues with some Country Love"

Let us know what you think at hook@hookjawbrown.com

Song Writing Process

We shot this video just after we finished writing 'Tell Me What You Need". HJB will be posting a video with all the drums and horns and then with the finished song. You might be able to get a feel for the process. le Hook

Honda Commercial

This is a commercial that Hook Jaw Brown wrote the music bed for, then did the tagline vocals and the voice overs.

Hook Jaw Brown

Is there a market for what my sister calls "Bummer" music? We have written several, Moanin Morphine Man, Elwoods Whiff Song, (see myspace.com/hookjawbrown) and a couple of new ones, Fall Winds and Life I Lived. The last one is a 'perfect' song in that is has verses, chorus, bridge, etc but when my wife saw the lyric sheet said "Man, that is a depressing song".