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I'm dustin' off the house shoes

After a solid year hiatus I will again don the house shoes and play my first show ever in my home town, South Bend.

I'll be at Between the Buns on 23 from 8pm - 11pm tryin out some new original material and dustin off some of the classic covers we all know and love.

For those of you who've never been acquainted with my style of playing its pretty all over the place but I think could be best described as Folky. I play a mix of Flat-Pick and Finger-Pick from the soft and soulful to the drunk 'n' rowdy. I'll even throw in a Harmonica or two. Come on out, you're sure to hear somethin' you like. Hell, if ya don't I'll buy you a cheap domestic beer :-P

Bring yo' ass. Bring yo' friends ass. Bring yo' moms ass. Bring yo' friends moms ass and cheer for me even if I suck :-P