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The Stroy So Far

"SShilton Project" was formed and consists of “Hilts” who's been writing, producing & recording electronic music since 1994.

"SShilton Project" writes and produces digital music using professional electronic stand alone instruments and hardware by taking full advantage of on board features such as sequencing, synthesizer sound editing, mixing and sampling etc. without the need for PC based composing, sound editing and recording software. Thus, creating a solid reliable environment to work with and removing any distraction associated with personel computers.

The benefits allow for more time writing and production, and other necessary studio tasks meaning less time is spent arseing about with PC's and software issues. Also by learning to use various instruments together to their maximum potential is both extremely satisfying and very rewarding.

The style and genre of "SShilton Project" music is, and can be anything from deeply chilled out spacial ambiance, to upbeat trance tainted galloping breaks which immerse listeners deep into the emotional heart felt basis of why the track was created.