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Fox's Wedding

Title track from new E.P featuring images from rural Japan now up on youtube . Kitsune lovers


To celebrate the addition to our family of a baby boy (Hunter) jast month lyric is Japanese a bird flies straight and true in the clear dawn air. I felt a real energy from this little baby fresh energetic and chilled and so adorably cute. Life is wonderful Thanks for the indulgence :))

tokyo nano second on amazon

Tokyo Nano Second' now available through amazon mp3 download. Yokoinc's second album in 6 months, very chilled please enjoy. Mastered at Blue Mountain Sound by Andy Busuttil Art work Moe Masano with layout by David Evans & thanks also to Jeremy Cook additional live drums on track 2 'Bombora' see vid on this page. Paige @ Coco. We plan on releasing a new album every 6 months & tracks for the third album are well underway. thanks all Peace and Love. greg & yoko aka yokoinc

Tokyo Nano Second

Pre release sample from the album . Please enjoy title track . Tokyo Nano Second.

Lyric translation Yoru no otozure ga Machidooshikute Ananta ga ichiban Chikaku naru jikan

Longing for the night That’s the time When you are closest

Thanks greg nishimura parke yokoinc

yokoinc whisper bar available through itunes and amazon

Whisper bar a seductive mix of Japanese English and spanish lyrics chilled grooves.