Crosley Hotshot Music Video

On Sunday May 5th, 2013, Colorado-based country band Crosley Hotshot (www.crosleyhotshot.com) will be shooting a patriotic music video at Fort Logan National Cemetery in Denver. Given special permission from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Crosley Hotshot looks forward to the release of their brand new single called “Sing Freedom’s Song”. Written by the band’s primary songwriter, David Sayer, Crosley Hotshot hopes to help renew our country’s sense of patriotism from a grassroots level. “The song comes out of the current national sentiment of people having forgotten the very reason for our independence and freedom. The fact that we owe EVERYTHING we have to the ones who served and fought for our freedom, it is our DUTY to keep alive the reason we are who we are”, Sayer says.

“There is no better representation of this than by the symbolism of the American flag: The stars are symbolic of the night skies and the lofty goal to which man has aspired from time immemorial, the white stripes signify purity and innocence, the red stripes, hardiness & valor and the blood that was shed for our freedom, and the blue field signifies vigilance, perseverance & justice. These are the very ideals that make up our country and “Sing Freedom’s Song” is a testament the reason America is the greatest nation on the planet!”

Crosley Hotshot has selected Colorado-based Baked Films as its production company.

04/12/2013 - Music Video Planned

Last evening at rehearsal, a young man named Chase, who is a film producer who studied at Warren Tech, came by to discuss the upcoming music video for our new VERY PATRIOTIC song, "Sing Freedom's Song". He introduced himself and began telling us a little about himself and his education in film making. Prior to our playing our song for the video, he mentioned our leader had sent him a link to our band page on Reverbnation, and said he'd listened to our work.. He has music in his background and his Father is a musician as well. He asked us if we had ideas as to what we were hoping for from this video. Most of us made a comment in that regard. Then he mentioned a few Ideas and then asked us to play the tune. We were short one member who had to miss our session last night. So we FIRED IT UP ! After we finished the song, he started making suggestions about what he had envisioned while listening to us. In the 3 plus minutes or so, that the song runs, he came up with a story that touched all of our hearts, and we believe it will touch yours as well. The tune is about military Men and Women that have, and are giving service to our GREAT COUNTRY, past and present, those who've made the ultimate sacrifice from World War One through the present. It was weird because as he told us his vision of this film, I and the others could totally visualize the whole thing in our minds as though we were watching the film. It gave me the chills. If this project comes out like this young man envisions it to be, We'll have something VERY SPECIAL. We plan to get started very soon on this, and need to get clearance to do some filming at Ft. Logan Cemetery among other places. After he thanked us for our time and went on his way, we all said WOW, this young man has huge visions for what we are wanting to get across to the viewers of this video ! Needless to say, we are all excited to get started on this project and get it out to the public. It well BE SPECIAL !.

03/18/2013 - Crosley's Philanthropic Efforts

Hi, My name is Slim Jim Phillippe. I'm the drummer for Crosley Hotshot Country Band. I am proud to announce that Crosley Hotshot will be playing a private show this Saturday for a prominant Catholic High School, at The Hall of Education at the National Western Stockshow complex.. The band has helped out with is fundraser a number of times in the past, but this is my first time there with them. It's for a very worthy cause. This School educates it's students to be God loving, contributing members of society. In the changing world we all live in now, we need a constant goal to help keep everyone on the right path, and that is what takes place at this School. It's our pleasure to be able to perform for such a worthy cause.

03/08/2013 - Visit our ReverbNation Web Portal!

Hey friends & Family. If you're looking to see what's new on this page, PLEASE take a minute and go to REVERBNATION and "LIKE" or band. We are listed under Colorado Country bands. And if you feel compelled, please write a comment about our sound, which can be heard LOUD & CLEAR on the Jukebox on our page. Your help is GREATLY APPRECIATED by all of us in Crosley Hotshot. We have a private show coming up on the 23rd of March for a local private Catholic High School, that will be held at The National Western Stock Show Hall of Education building. The band has had the PRIVILAGE of playing this event a number of times now, and it will be my first time there with them. I'm told it's a FIRST CLASS event, so I'm looking forward to polishing up my best boots, and picking out a LOUD shirt to wear for a root'n Toot'n good ole time. Again, please take a minute to listen to our sound if you haven't already and LIKE or band on Reverbnation. THANK YOU TRUELY. Slim Jim Phillippe & The Crosley Hotshot Band !!!