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We have a release date!

We have a release date.... 20 Shades long awaited record “ REVELATION 13 “ will be released on SEVEN DAY RECORDS July 24th.....

The band plans a release party in Stpetersburg Florida on the 24th of July

“The day has finally come for this release, we have been experimenting with some top notch music technology to this new sound “ say's Pergolatti in an Interveiw monday with Label Executive and producer Angel Walker.

Pergolatti goes on to say “ We have been all through these songs many times, and believe we nailed it, and now we bring it to the fans ears!

20 Shades a new baby to the music Industry has generated thousands of downloads and will be hitting the Industry charts with with record highs in 2015.

The Rock band Internet sensations 20 shades has been recording this album for 2 years now. Its well worth the wait.

Davey Angelo Returns to the stage !

Davey Angelo Returns to the stage with 20 Shades! check out this release! http://www.prlog.org/12189815-tate-recording-artist-20-shades-philadelphia-bassist-davey-angelo-reunite-for-pittsburgh-show.html

Bond Auto Sales Sponsors huge event !

Tampas number1 Auto Dealership Sponsors "The Pillar of Fire Music Festival" Oct 27th in Tampa!


Thanks Bond Auto Sales...You Rock!!

20 Shades ...song listening panel released.

Here is the list of people Going to get involved with our pre-producton of our music. They will decide what songs will be on our next Cd. Thier names will appear in our liner notes in our cd jacket also, along with a mention on our web site...so here are the names! thanks everyone.

Danielle Harrison love Crabcakes Angello Shirley Hosegood Sue Richard Debbie Smith Mathew Smith Nikki Guns Daniel Nevels Richard Anger Paul Speir Lori Clark Jessie Machell Sonya Pinsent-Lockhat Dalia Nava Patricia Wittich Teresa Ann Nichols

Thanks every one !

20 Shades ..Storm Texas !


20 Shades Hits Texas

Rock Band 20 Shades prepares for Texas,

Opening for Blackstone Cherry , Ted Nugent , We continue to climb to the top! busy is a great thing ! Thanks fans for your support and love !

20 Shades heads back to Record

20 Shades comes home ,after a very successful tour with LA Guns.20 Shades members are currently working on material for their 2nd CD. The band will hit the road again in mid Jan.

On Tour With LA Guns

20 Shades and LA Guns on tour ! visit www.20shades.com for dates.

TV Commercial


Ckeck it out!!!

Rocking the world

Packed house In Stpete!!! thanks Fans!!!! The Birth Cd is on sale...grab a copy today!!! www.20shades.com