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4th Annual Riverwalk Event: Entertainment Schedule

4th Annual Riverwalk Event: Entertainment Schedule progress:

Show starts with Jessi Jenix doing the National Anthem, then a couple (?) of her originals. Then the long Shadowville All-Stars set (Will Dockery, Brian Mallard, Rusty Wood, Patricia Suddeth, Jack Snipe, Gary Frankfurth, Eric M. Gunter, Gary Adkins) where we bring Dana Dodd on with band backing her for 1 song, maybe 2 time permitting. Then the center, "musical guests" section with veterans Bobby Walden, Mia Giannini, Mike Matthews, doing (if the time still looks good) 3 songs each (order of appearance TBA) and again, time permitting, the debut appearance in our show of Fly Studd Buddie. Then the long closing set from the Shadowville All-Stars with a cameo spot from Terry Gannon doing 1 of his favorites, backed by the band. Bam- that's it.

Now Patrick Hopkins and Patricia Suddeth will be fine tuning and adjusting this show to the minute, which will include the protions presented by Jeremy Hobbs, all the announcements, awards presentations, and appearances of various speakers, local dignitaries and icons. For newcomers, the code is hang loose, face front and enjoy the freewheeling nature of the day and the always surprising turns of events... gonna be a great show, our third one of hopefully many more to come, and even when the AIDS cure is found we can still do the Event in celebration! Now... "Engage!"


Will Dockery Artificial Intelligence Project:

Will Dockery Artificial Intelligence Project:


Looks like I'm finally filling Artificial Intelligence Will Dockery with enough info & practice conversation (seems like maybe the more I "talk" with it the more "smart" it gets) to get some good reaction. I saw yours and it was off to a dismal start... it keeps records of a...ll the discussions held there, & gives me a button to edit the response A*I*W*D* gives, and to provide alternate ones. Basically a piece-by-piece building of the being one word or phrase at a time. Hopefully I'll have him complete and ready to take over for me when I'm gone in my lifetime, or the rest of you will complete it for me...

Hogbottom Music & BBQ 7th Year!

"And where we had thought to find an abomination, we shall find a god; where we had thought to slay another, we shall slay ourselves; where we had thought to travel outward, we shall come to the center of our own existence; where we had thought to be alone, we shall be with all the world." -Joseph Campbell *** Hogbottom Music & BBQ 7th Year! *** The Hogbottom music fest will be held Saturday, April 21st in Fort Mitchell Alabama... music, fun, BBQ, all to raise funds for the HouseOf Heroes, which helps vets down on their luck. Featuring musical performances by Will Dockery, The Buddy Harden Band, Rick Edwards, Sean Rox, The Gary Parmer Trio, Fire Mountain, Tim Maggart, Fiddler's Blues Band, The Conley Brothers Band, Gene Woolfolk, Jr., Gravey Robbers, Blue Harvest, Cross Wired, Brandon Holden, Wildwood Bluegrass, Katt Redd Trio, Strokin' Dixie, Don Dixon and Heath and the Checker Shoe Band. Every Spring around these parts, the big event for music, fun, camping & food this spring is Hogbottom... all your favorite local performers in one festival! Music Starts about noon, BBQ service starts around 3:00 p.m. Primitive camping available. Bring your kids, coolers, lounge chairs and instruments but please no pets. From Phenix City: Take AL 165 South 12 miles to Patterson Road (CR38) then (from both Phenix City and Eufaula) Go 1/4 of a mile on the right and follow signs. $10 Donation is requested for Admission. All donations will beneift House of Heroes - a nonprofit organization serving our military and public safety and their spouses. http://hogbottom.com