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New Bal-Sagoth gear from Cult Never Dies, including T-shirts, zip hoods, girlie shirts and the MegaZine featuring an extensive interview. www.cultneverdies.com

New Bal-Sagoth Merchandise!

Available now from Cult Never Dies: the new BAL-SAGOTH "Sublime Macrocosmic Malevolence" t-shirt and zip hood! Ordering information: cultneverdies.myshopify.com


BATTLE MAGIC is available now on CD from Cacophonous. This reissued edition features remastered audio, expanded lyric booklet and new artwork! Order directly from the Cacophonous store: http://cacophonous.bigcartel.com/product/bal-sagoth-battle-magic-cd

More First Trilogy Editions

BATTLE MAGIC will be re-released on CD by Cacophonous on September 9th featuring remastered audio, expanded lyric booklet and new artwork. Double vinyl LP version to follow later.

A BLACK MOON BROODS OVER LEMURIA will be released on cassette for the Asian Market soon by Diabolicurst Productions. Limited to 100 hand numbered copies!

LEMURIA vinyl available for pre-order NOW!

"A BLACK MOON BROODS OVER LEMURIA" double vinyl LP now available for pre-order! http://cacophonous.bigcartel.com/product/bal-sagoth-a-black-moon-broods-over-lemuria-dlp

Lemuria and Starfire available now!

A BLACK MOON BROODS OVER LEMURIA and STARFIRE BURNING UPON THE ICE-VEILED THRONE OF ULTIMA THULE are now available from CACOPHONOUS as special edition CDs featuring remastered audio, expanded lyric booklets, new sleeve notes & annotations, and exclusive new artwork. BATTLE MAGIC coming soon. Vinyl editions will be released later this year!

Cacophonous store link: http://cacophonous.bigcartel.com/products

The First Trilogy... REBORN!

Lemuria and Starfire special edition re-issues available soon on CD and vinyl. Battle Magic to follow shortly afterwards. Featuring remastered audio, extra artwork and expanded lyric booklets. Released by Cacophonous. Exact release dates to follow shortly!


The fantasy anthology paperback "Swords of Steel II" is available now from DMR Books. This volume contains the second part of the Caleb Blackthorne trilogy by Byron Roberts, featuring the character from the Bal-Sagoth lyrical canon.


This year marks the 20th anniversary of the release of our epic second album "Starfire Burning Upon the Ice-Veiled Throne of Ultima Thule". To commemorate this truly momentous occasion, Starfire will be re-released on limited edition vinyl and CD in 2016, along with the other two albums of Bal-Sagoth's legendary First Trilogy "A Black Moon Broods Over Lemuria" and "Battle Magic". Release dates will be posted soon. Blodu Ok Jarna!

The Return of Cacophonous Records

Legendary UK label Cacophonous Records has returned from the void and will be re-issuing the first three classic Bal-Sagoth albums on limited edition vinyl and CD in 2016! More news soon.