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Hello again

Its been a while since my last blog, and I am so sorry for not updating you on what has been happening. Well I have been busy recording a new song, soon to be put on here (No doubt you will enjoy it). It has been fun working with Gino Cinganelli and Andrea Moore. Wonderful it has been. We hope to have this new song uploaded by the end of February. I will not stay away this long again, so see you all soon.

A Little about me

I hail from the lovely island of Jamaica. I spent most of my life there until I moved here some 10 to 11 years ago. I love singing and will serenade you in a heart beat.

I live with my partner and love of my live, along with our young daughter. I have 5 other kids - all of whom I love and adore. I have always dreamed of forming a band with my kids - Crazy it may seem but ... watch this space ....

I enjoy a lot of things like driving, meeting new people, having a good time; but my top of the tops is Music. I will sing and listen to any and every thing. I believe that music is a blessing and if given the talent then you should use it to make those around you happy.

My lil Princess seem to enjoy singing also, she loves it when I sing and even though she is only 2; she seems to know the songs and will sing bits along with me. I will ensure that she is coached; and make the very best of the talent that she seemingly possess.

Anyway, enough said for tonight .. see you tomorrow!!!

New To This - But not doing bad!

I have always loved singing!!! I sing in the bath, at work, whilst driving, etc. I sing at every chance that I get, I just love it. Recently I was given the oppertunity to record my singing professionally, and I LOVED it!!! Thanks to Gino, I have been given one of the greatest oppertunities. I never thought it was possible, but here I am - I even have others listening to me. I am not a man of many words, you have got a lot out of me thus farm, but believe me when I say there is a lot more in there, waitin to burst out. Lets hope this is the start of a brilliant future. Thanks again Gino, and to the people at home who put up with me