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Lefluer / Blog

Keep music in public schools

What good does it really do to take music out of public school? Children are going to learn by nature. What they learn is entirely up to us as adults. By giving children more creative subject matters to learn we can ensure their future as constructive beings adding to the society instead of taking from it. I grew up with arts programs in schools and wish the same to the future generations. Seattle has played a big role in educating children who have become world leaders in politics and entertainment industry. Today, music can not be found in Seattle public schools. What can we do to change this? The first thing is to talk about it. Dialogue is the always the first step to resolving any problem we are facing as a community. I have started the topic up for discussion but one person can not do it alone. We need more voices...

A Soul for hire

I write, I write, I write. The recent question is why I write. Hard question for me to answer. Some things are because they merely are and should be left as such. These days I am looking for more and more artist to collaborate with. Meeting artist and actually getting together are two different concepts. Artist have their favorite musicians to work with and some are so talented that they prefer to work alone. This position provides me more and more of an opportunity to work alone myself. How far and wide must I stretch to work with compatible artist? I have been to the end of the rainbow and back and have worked with many artist. Most well known established artist. The only conflict I find is with local up and coming artist who are to great for the likes of me and my fellow musicians. Amazing!!! However, there are sorts of artist that are always looking for my kind. Rappers!!! Rappers want to work with everybody. From rock artist to country. You name it they're into it. Most of my colleagues are baffled by this. Because in the world of musicianship, rappers have the worst credit. No one who plays music idolizes rappers for creativity or originality. But I find myself very attracted to rappers because of their honesty and hunger to do it all. In my opinion rappers are the most creative type of artist. One of my favorite rappers to collaborate with is Silver Shadow D aka Ferocious of Seattle. This guy had the most creative ideas for what he wanted the guitar to sound like on his song. So much so that I thought he was a masterful guitarist. I used to say to him, "If I could play that, Every guitarist would lose their jobs as guitarist." Rappers get hated on for the sampling. I don't hate on anyone. It just reminds me of my step mothers old organ I used to play growing up. There were these Latin grooves I used to write to and play my guitar over. I guess any critic could say that I was sampling at that time. I even rapped at times over the organ beats. Another example is to imagine your were there back in the days when the song in question was being made and you think to yourself, what would I have added to this song if I were there. Rappers are lyricist of which there are no comparables to. Rappers have soul and an attachment to their lyrics that I feel every guitarist should have in each solo they play. But great solos are few and far between. How many solos can you play at a BBQ or even desire to play. Most solos these days are merely scales. Nothing magical about them. Music has become competitive and I always hear how someone is the greatest _____ in the world. Music is an art and should be treated as such. If artist don't appreciate that then how can fans of music? Stop criticizing music and just feel it. What made Joni Mitchell so great was her feeling for the music in general. Be original, even with the tuning of your instrument. Take time when at home and just go on a date with your instrument. Spend time and learn to love it for what it is and means to you. Without doing this. Creating music without exploring your music appetite and the appreciation for the art of music, you are simply selling your soul for cash. And that is truly "INSANE"

The Art of Score

Talking the language of music is the art that God blesses one with. It is then up to the individual to decide whether or not they want to assist others in performing a piece written by that artist. It is then that scoring becomes very important.

Musicians read music as a novelist reads paperbacks. That is how it has been done for ages. However, there are other artists who have written arrangement-based pieces and wish to take their works to another level and add other artist compositions coinciding with the original work that has been published and registered under copyrights. Simply called organized improvisation.

How do you write? Whats your language? I would love to hear from you.

- Reji