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"WAYS TO LEARN GUITAR" Some people ask me frequently a lot of things… about how they can learn guitar, or how they can be better guitarists or musicians. Due this situation I thought it would be nice to make a blog about musical tips. So, I will try to write and explain what I know from what I had learned in my life as musician. I try to share his little knowledge to help other people, musicians or guitarists with some tips about music or guitar. If this helps anybody in some way I will be more than glad. The next tips can be applied to any musical instrument. "WAYS TO LEARN GUITAR" There exists many and different ways to learn guitar. The ones that I consider more efficient and easy to take are next ones: 1)To play other artists music 2)To ask tips to other guitarists 3)To see and hear others guitarists and learn something from them 4)To read autodidactic books 5)To see autodidactic videos 6)With the time, to go increasing difficulty level of songs you want to learn 7)To practice daily Do not fear to ask!!! All the great guitarists or musicians you know, someday in their lives asked some tip to somebody, and they followed at least one of the tips I gave you. So, please, never fear to ask. Asking is a great way to learn many things. Actually when you ask something to anybody, and they don't want to give you an answer, 'you learn' that person is so selfish that he will limit himself to that, 'you learn' that person thinks music is a competition and 'you learn' how you should not be. Music is not a competition my friends! Music is a way to express your feelings and emotions, and share them to other people. When you share your music, you share your ideas, your thoughts, your mind, your emotions, your feelings, your heart and your soul. I hope all of you have this in mind when you are playing your own music, in your house with your family, in a party with friends or in a concert on stage. This are the first tips I can give to all of you who asked me, and to all the ones that would like to know about that. In the future I will try to write about other things people ask me. My best wishes to all of you!, William Wiegand