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ON The Creative Processes and the Technological Aspects of Brewing Music

At the moment, I am in between two niches in music creatioin: the real deal, down and dirty 'Garage Band' style, which would involve real people with real instruemtns playing, or a mixture of that (me on guitar) and computer-generated instruments backing up. The problem with the actual 'Band' is getting the 'Band' in one spot at the same time in the first place. I've tried, and it's doesn't seem likely. SO, I'm leaning towards my hybrid style of guitar and computer combined (it's kinda of like cooking: you got your different ingredients, and you gotta mix 'em together just right, you know?). So far, with what I've experimented with, it looks as though it could work. I can even incorporate samples (little audio clips of anything) into my music at any given time, with much power to edit and tweak anything to my liking. I hope to have a little demo up soon. For those of you who are listening it, I would appreciate you recommending people to tune in; I will work on putting up music around the net, but doubt I can summon many people by myself!