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2013 so far....

Written lots of new exciting new songs, some I currently play live with a mixture of older songs. I bought Logic 9 which has been quite a leap from Garageband and I'm making baby steps around it. I'm working on a project with drummer/producer Steve Dixon (he gets around with all these artists: Chandeliers, Shortwave Set, Drugstore). Enjoying how we work, he emails me music, I write a top line with layers of ideas for harmonies or bv's. Once we are happy, we get out of cyberspace and meet up to do mixes! Perfect coz he's recently moved across the other side of the country! I've been meeting more music folk and spreading my wings further across London to play in some really cool places and consequently have been booked more this year than previous. I've started to sew the seeds for finally getting my personal website together to show 1. My songs 2. Collaborations 3. Vocals

Thanks for listening and watch this space for more, more more.

oh and 10 weeks to go till the jolly white bearded one pays us all a visit, ho ho ho!

Up and down like a brides nightie

Up and down like a brides nightie. Yes, my position on the Reverbnation Charts!

New Collaborations!

I've recently worked on a couple of new tracks and reeeeally want to share them with you all but alas not able to quite yet...soon, I promise. Also completed a collab.... again with Hayden Parsey for the Crouch End Festival. Will pop it up here in the near future.

Tobias Zaldua's Album!

Is Silver A Shiny Grey? by Tobias Zaldua I'm doing BV's on "Blue Skies and Lullabies" and "Panic". He's also got the amazing Kirsty Hawkshaw singing on a couple of tracks!!!

North Nineteen Open Mic

O so happy...there's some goddam sunshine at last! Was freezing cycling around BUT happy to see blue skies. So, tonight a little trip over to The North Nineteen Pub for their Monthly Open mic night with a few friends. I'll be trying out some brand new songs. A couple I've written in the last few weeks and one song from a current collaboration with Steve Dixon, drummer from London based band The Chandeliers http://thechandeliers.bandcamp.com

Hope on The Hill

12:30 today! Playing a 30mins set with the delightful Trumpet Player Will Embliss. "Hope on the Hill" is a charity event in aid of Marie Curie. Albert Road Recreational ground near Muswell Hill and behind the Sunshine Garden Centre, London.

Tonia Thorne & Will Embliss, The Enterprise, Camden 31/3/12


Oh what a hot and sweaty eve, but well worth it. This is our last song "You Came here an Angel" at the Big Note gig at The Enterprise, Camden featuring Will Embliss on trumpet. Shot from the audience with an iPhone...thanks Alex

The North Nineteen Pub in N19

Tonight I'm playing here http://www.northnineteen.co.uk/ Tony hosts Open Mic Night. 9pm onwards. Come to listen or play. Great beer and food too!

Jack in the Box recording studio

Recorded some BV's for the wonderful Tobias Zaldua today at "Jack In the Box" http://www.jackintheboxmusic.com A cool recording studio situated close to Finsbury Park in "The Chilli Works". Proprietor and Producer/Engineer Jack Reynolds has almost two decades experience working in and with bands. He's so chilled and lovely to work with.

The Florin

What a fabulous old pub on Holloway Road. Half the room was filled with local Irish folk who were accepting, perhaps a bit uncertain of the Creative Crowd pulled in by the evenings Open Mic Night for the Holloway Arts Festival. An unusual crowd to entertain but what a challenge. Technical hitch coz I was trying to be efficient and plug in thru my tuning peddle, "Magnetic Man" was vocals only thru the PA and my distant guitar. Peddle ejected and with "Touch the Stars" I managed to grab the audience. That was my aim. With the earlier artists I saw how tough it was to get the crowd to stop and listen. That was my challenge. An artist had pulled out so I had more time than anticipated. Hence a fumble through a song written only a few days ago. A great feeling to have written a song then immediately tested it out on a crowd. But the best song for me was "I Don't Care". I've had this song around for a few years but never played it live. I shall be using this one next week too. Big lesson of the night, don't talk to much between songs. Lovely surprise was to hear Wolf Alice who had won the Singer Songwriters Night the year before. They were young, cute and their songwriting was phenomenal! As I was leaving the pub, a local drinker called me over and in his drunken haze complemented me. Thank you Mr!