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New Photo Shoot in a Couple Weeks

It’s time to update my photos so that my ads can look more appealing. I also need some pictures that are current. So I am excited to say that I just got off the phone with a photographer I found on craigslist in the musicians section; this is where I have found many photographers to work with. I am looking forward to this shoot and it will be scheduled for the beginning of February. Stoked!! Just gotta finalize the date and Hair and Makeup :) My ads and my online presence is about to get an upgrade :)

"I love being around you..."

Irina Singh's song The Reason is belting out in my mind. You should listen to it for yourself. She's here on ReverbNation and reached out to me after coming across my music today. It was a blessing to hear her raspy and crystal clear voice.

I just woke up from two unexpected naps. I got home from work thinking I was wide awake and then all of a sudden it was like an invisible anesthesiologist was lurking in my room and secretly knocked me out. I woke up disoriented and then fell asleep again and woke up extra groggy.

Hey, I guess my body knows how to get it when it needs it. Good thing I'm not narcoleptic. That could have been interesting if not dangerous.

Well, everyone promotion has begun on Youtube through Google Adwords and with consistent promotion and patience and positive thinking, things will change to a great level of success. I feel it.

There is such a thrill, an adrenaline running through me as I'm putting myself out there in front of new fans. Advertising is like a drug. Let me tell ya.

This is the day and age to promote yourself and advertise on YOUR budget. So get out there. Go see what Google Adsense has to offer. No excuses. Just do it.

Have a great weekend :)

Father's Pub and Grub Santa Ana

Wow. What a night. I walked in not knowing what to expect. So used to performing in coffee shops for open mic nights but when Boris promoted this open mic night at Alta last Tuesday and mentioned they video tape each performer, I HAD to bounce through. Little did I remember, I already had this spot on my schedule for tonight.

The crowd was precious. I wanna hug 'em all...wait I pretty much almost did hug every person in there. We made a connection. AND to top it all off I FINALLY connected with Michael Edward who I also met at Alta last Tuesday and whose voice and guitar style I ADORE. I was stoked to see him and twice as stoked when he asked me to sing harmony with him on The BeeGees "How Deep is Your Love."

I have been asked to do a FULL set at Bourbon Street in Down Town Fullerton so I am definitely looking forward to that.

RUDY rocked it!! I love when you least expect so much talent to come out of someone and then they blow you away. I think he's the missing member of System of A Down AND we're gonna collab. HE'S SICK!! Just you wait!!

Rudy, remember what me and your cousin, Michelle shouted out to you after your set: 'FUCK AMERICAN IDOL' lol you're way too good for that show. *BIG HUG* now let's go dancing to some techno!!!!!

So many awesome people that I have met and look forward to collabing with and building friendships with. I LOVE MY LIFE RIGHT NOW!!!!


Another Awesome Night on my Open Mic Tour

I went back to Gypsy Den tonight and enjoyed listening to other artists before going on stage. A couple names that stood out to me were Hyper Bully and Revel. Hyper Bully was a rap/hip hop/pop trio with vocals, guitar, and percussion. That girl can work some percussion. Revel had a soulful voice and made Ray Charles very proud. I hope to come across these artists again.

I am high on the energy of performing...and caffeine too :) Next open mic stop on my tour is Father's Pub and Grub in Santa Ana on Sunday.

I will be interviewed on an Internet Radio Show called "Talent in the Southland" and will have full details for you this Saturday as I believe the show will air on Sunday.

I have an exciting weekend of being musically productive including 2 rehearsal sessions with my guitarist, Tim Edwards, the radio interview, and performing at Father's Pub and Grub who is awesome enough to video tape each performer. So expect to see some video of me promoting my 2 acapella songs, "Sing," and "Vision"

Good night :)


I can't even put into words how I feel right now. "I'm on a high, above the world..." (one of my new songs that you haven't heard yet and I can't WAIT until you do).

Where the hell have I been? It doesn't matter. All that matters is that I am back out there doing my thing and meeting amazing people. Music is love. I love sharing myself in song and this new found peace, comfort, and confidence I have on stage when it comes to connecting with the audience. There was a time when I used to NEVER speak to the audience before I sang. I just cut right to the chase. But now. It aint no thang but a chicken wang on a strang. (Don't ask).

TIM EDWARDS YOU ROCK!! ....literally. We are going to take OC/LA by storm (for starters). You ready? I already know you are. Thanks for being a talented and reliable musician. As you know, it is so hard to come by.

AMY I love you and am thankful that you came out and even more thankful that you asked me to sing for Nadine's tribute. She's coming along so strong!!! Soon, I will see both of your faces in the audience at one of my shows. You are such a sweetheart and awesome roommate. Ugh, we haven't watched Criminal Minds together in days. Morgan and Garcia miss us. We need to fix that.

Everyone, thanks for your support on my open mic tour whether absent or present at my shows. I look forward to seeing you all at my upcoming shows. Spread the word and come enjoy new music and be enchanted by the spirit of creativity. You won't find it like this any where else. Thank God for the existence of Open MIc Nights.


Free Falling

Another great night on my open mic tour at Java Jean Bar in Anaheim Hills. My bestie, Bethie, came along and video taped my set including an impromptu duet with new friend Jasmine. We sang "No One" by Alicia Keys and it was awesome. She and I will definitely perform together again soon!! I will also upload the videos once they are ready :)

It's always nice to see new and old faces from the week before. It's a great way to connect with people who are feeling my music and be on a personal level with them. I love getting to know people and vibe with them in the sanctuary of music. It's all about a relationship. Our relationship with music which is very bonding. "That's the love I know.."

I look forward to collaborating with the musicians and singers I have met so far, especially the ones who play keys (Anthony Mendoza....FREEEEE FALLIINNNGG). I can't wait to see how that comes together. I LOVE singing with piano more than anything. Let's rock it.

I sing again tomorrow night at Paradise Perks by invitation of the owner along with other awesome musicians who I have had the pleasure of meeting along my infantile tour thus far. But before that I have a busy day of cleaning and moving crap into storage. So I better sleep and get ready for a new day...oh wait...it's already an hour into the new day.

Good night/morning everyone. I really hope I see more new and familiar faces at my upcoming shows this summer!! Perhaps you'll perform as well?



Quoting Florence Welch of Florence And the Machine

This is an excerpt from the June/July issue of Nylon of which Florence is on the cover. I can really relate to her when she says the following:


On Her Emotional Connection to Music: It’s funny because I’m not actually very good at saying how I feel in person. I think songwriting is a way for me to deal with my own emotional failings in life. When I’m making a song, it’s almost as if I can express how I feel. It’s almost as if, to get a message across to one person, you have to sing it to a couple of thousand.


I couldn't agree more. I think I fail at communicating my feelings unless I am singing. I am never understood until I sing. No one is perfect, but so many like to pick at me because I "don't communicate well enough" (to their standards). It's very alienating that I get tossed aside because I am misunderstood. My failing to get the words out of my mouth plagues me. I walk away so frustrated because I am paralyzed when I try to speak a lot of the time and no one understands my plight. I mean, truly, understand my plight. I relate and am related to when I sing. Even now as I blog this, I feel frustrated. Words only hold their weight when I sing them. They become something totally manageable no matter how strong the feeling behind them, positive or negative, when in song.

I wonder how many other people can relate to this struggle of being tossed aside because in conflict with a romantic interest or so-called friend, when things get heated you are unable to speak beyond the pain or discomfort or the intense feeing and therefore walk away from the person lost in translation? Sometimes I feel alone in this. It would be nice to know I am not alone. That when I try to open my mouth the words won't come...or before I open my mouth my voice already feels defeated. The headaches, the actual physical headaches that ensue because your mind is racing and suddenly shuts down and you have lost your verbal defenses; your voice. It's like you become communicatively paralyzed and a mental spiral of self-defeat ensues and you throw in the towel and all the while inside there is an inner turmoil that is so loud within you yet no one else has a clue. not a fucking clue.

music. i love you. you are all i have. you are love.

Living and Loving : The Start of an Open Mic Tour

I love Java Jean Bar's Open Mic Night. So glad I'm doing this and meeting awesome people while doing what makes me happy. I will definitely return next Friday.

The start of my Open Mic Tour is going well. Last night at Gypsy Den was cool as well. I might have been one of the last performers but it's all good. I met an Internet Radio Host that I will be in communication with and we will see what happens with that.

Tomorrow I will post my Open Mic Tour Schedule and I would love for you all to come show your support and enjoy the company of other artists with me at the same time. It's about time we all heard some new and unheard music. There is so much more talent out there beyond the mainstream. Open your ears to it ;)

Stay tuned for my future tour dates and come be a part of this experience with me. Let's see how many fans Natalie Womack can make this summer during her open mic tour!!!! It's already a beautiful ride. Don't miss out.

*Love to Java Jean Bar, Joe, Robert, Sheryl and MIKE! And thanks to Colin for the free publicity. Keep telling jokes with your sister ;) *

I love my life....

Fuck Yeah :: The Release I Needed

*Sigh* I'm happy. I just got home from performing at an open mic night, my first performance since the beginning of the year, and I am so elated. I sat in my room last night wondering when my funk began. Trying to figure out where my true happiness went, to trace back to where it all began to dwindle. Where I started to feel the sense that I had lost a part of me, perhaps even all of me. As I was reading a book by Iyanla Vanzant about living in the "meantime" it dawned on me. I sat up and said, "I know where it all started. I need to perform again!"

Yeah, I know. Why was that so hard for ME to figure out because, if you know me, you know that music is not only my everything; it's my God! It should not have been so difficult for me to figure out where my happiness went, when my mind started to become hazy and perform under it's potential. When words became a struggle for me to use when once they came to me as easy as air.

Back in 2005 when I was promoting my first album I was performing almost every week at my favorite open mic spot, Viento Y Agua, in Long Beach. My vibe was high, my creativity was not dry, and I was fully integrated as a whole person. For some time now I have felt broken and outside of myself and thus, very insecure and I started to become very worried about myself lately. But it's okay now. Even though I found myself stressing out yesterday wondering how I was going to get back to my music and REALLY stay committed to it unlike the last time around (without stressing myself out about being able to afford to really do what I want with my music).

One of my fans was asking about a music video and damn, I felt the demand and the pressure to get one done but let's be real, I'm an indie artist, money doesn't grow on trees. But in time, that video will come. Until then, I will keep performing my heart out, meeting new musicians and amazing singers, poets, rappers etc and just focus on me doing my thing and making new fans and friends in the process.

I'm happy. I'm back. And I'm going to stay consistent this time and starting tomorrow I am OFFICIALLY kicking off my Open Mic Tour across Orange County and Long Beach. Tomorrow night, Gypsy Den and Friday night, Java Jean Bar in Anaheim Hills. Updates will be posted as I confirm with the venues (because sometimes open mic nights get cancelled the day of, so I will let you know if anything changes).

You comin' with me? Let's do this!


Sunday's Mission

Today I am on a mission to complete unfinished songs, revisit older songs of mine from my arsenal and get them ready for development and recording.

I met with guitarist, Mike Khalil, yesterday in Long Beach and we arranged a new acoustic version of my song, "Nobody's Gonna Bring Me Down." I am stoked! Getting read to set up a studio session to get an audio recording released of that song. At the same time, I will have an awesome videographer documenting the session live! Looking forward to it and many more songs to come, non stop.

In my near future:

*Submit myself to the Orange County Music Awards *Pull songs out of my arsenal for release and build my repertoire. I am determined to present myself to labels as an already developed artist. *Plan an awesome photo shoot for my press kit. I've got OC Weekly on the brain ;)

Have yourselves an awesomely productive Sunday, y'all!