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Writing songs is my passion, and because I'm passionate about songwriting I would like to share this one with you!I wrote this a few minutes ago. The second stanza is the chorus. I've been thinking a lot lately about the interconnectedness of all living things. On a cellular level we make up different forms of the same thing using the same ingredients, kind of like Mexican Food! (So delicious!) So when you fall in love are you falling in love with the parts of you that you want to see in someone else, or the ones that are already apparent in your own form? Matter cannot be created nor destroyed, no Matter What! Here's the song.....

The Planets and The Sun, You and I are one, we can never come undone we are connected. It's just a chemical mix, but Baby it's bliss, when we start to kiss I feel alive.

Because your lips are my lips, we are attached at the hips, and your fingertips know just how to touch me. We are cynergetically, Bound, and yet free, to be just like the trees swaying molecularly.

Pluto once was Earth, in it's first stages of Birth, when the sun exploded out of the darkness. And the particles drew in, started to spin, with the evolution of the wind, we did begin!

Isn't it strange how our particles rearrange, to adjust to the changes of the weather? It's patterns are our pull, our pulse that keeps us full, of the Water like the Sea, cause they are you, and you are me.

The Great I am is this, it's as simple as a kiss, a verse can make you miss what's between the lines. There is nothing about me, that he cannot see, he is my Energy, my Spirit, and my Eyes.