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Trying to get to the New CD...

Well, we are still no closer on the new CD. The material is ready to go and is partially recorded and we do play some of the material live, but it will be a little longer before we get it finished. I will probably release a song at a time on line for purchase as they are mastered however. I have recently written a spat of new songs, so it's probably good that I am a bit behind! I've got a couple more songs that are rolling around in my head so hang on gang!

Amps and such

I've always wanted a Marshall amp, but so many are one trick pony's, too expensive, too big or just not attainable. I recently played a hand wired 1974X model(not to be confused with the year 1974), a replica of the early 60s combo similar to the Bluesbreaker amp that Clapton played but just one 12" speaker and half the watts. One of the best damn amps I have ever heard in my life! Well, I didn't have $2300 laying around, nor could I have justified it. So my search for a really nice sounding amp continued. I thought that since I loved the little Marshall so much and it was so different than what the compoany was putting out now on a daily basis, that I should really go back farther in time and play some tweed amps of the day that inspired Jim Marshall to build those early amps.The only problem is that they don't really make them like that anymore at Fender either and the old ones that are worn out and need serious repair will set you back more than the 1974X will. I remembered that Palen Music had a new Fender Bassman '59 Reissue. Now, I'm not really into the "reissue" thing. I would really have the real thing when possible or just a great sounding amp that is not so expensive. I went to Palen to see if they still had it. Sure enough, they did. Kevin, a friend of mine that works there was playing a PRS(not my favorite guitar) through some amp dejour when I walked in. I told him that I wanted to hear the Bassman. He plugged the PRS into the Bassman and fired it up. I sounded ok. I suggested some things, played with the settings and i improved, but not stellar. We then jumpered the amp channels. Still just ok. I played the guitar/amp for a while and then I looked over and saw a US tele. I said,"hey guys, give the Tele". WOW, that was the sound! I could not believe it. It was the rhythmic chug that I have heard about for so long. I had to have this amp.

Rockin' Reverb!

Reverb Nation...makes me think of an old Fender amp that is all beat up, smells like smoke but sounds absolutely beautiful!