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First of all PHILLY rocks! I loved the fact I had a chance to blend with my homeless peeps while shooting the "Nuthouse " video. To the lady who put her job on the line to go out her WAY TO PLEASE US....I LOVE YOU& Thanku!! New York fans who just joined or playing our tunes lately...KISSES TO Y'ALL MY DIVA'S HOLDING DOWN TEXAS & ATL I appreciate y'all from the bottom of my heart!! SPECIAL LOVE TO THE "OKC" the charts wouldn't have blazed without y'all.

loved by me

HELLO MY PEEPS! I just wanted to say, " you are loved by me". Luv Roxie

Personal Shot OUTS!!!

Shot out to C.Shaw, you are the best, you totaly rock!!! Thanks for checking on me. Elijah thinks your are amazning!!!!GOOD LUCK and hold it down at PENNSYLVANIA!!!!! Much Respect to Lucci Loner who is doing his thing on the hip hop circut,,,YA'LL GOT'S to get his CD I SEE YOU Anthony DeVoue, the worlds best real estate agent. If anyone out there needs a place he is your man. He makes it happen, while being professional. Strictly business Debbie and Christine are the Best when it comes to compationate and careing. They are the masters of that trait..True divas..PENNSYLVANIA Divas..

Japeta  (over 7 years ago)

Keep on blogging and get yourself a dictionary from the dollar store...Roxie you rock!!!

She's Homeless

Hey ya'll it's Roxie saying "peace". I sometimes wonder have society forgot about the saying, "Help those that are lost". Now for me that can mean if your see someone without food, and you have extra, break bread. Now maybe you might see a child outside in the winter time, playing, always without no coat, will you go to the thrift store and buy them a jacket???? I say this because my next door neighbor had kicked out one of there family members because they lost their job and could not pay May's rent. She actually was sleeping and washing up on the front porch for atleast a week. All the neighbors just staired. I also did too, because I was appauled!!!! I couldn't watch that. I don't have much, but I gave her a pillow, some food, and juices to help her out threwout the week... Heres the KICKER..the people who lives in the house, just walked over her like she was a door mat..What would you have done??

To all my fans and listeners

First of all I would like to give a big shout out to all those who is taking the time to hit Japeta up. Much love and respect! Next to all my fans on the street and the internet, YOU GUYS ROCK!!!! Shout out to DJ Night Owl for making it pop all the time, SHOT OUT to T.G.Gamble and his wonderful wife for supporting me always. I love the music guys and I am a humanatarian. Helping people has been my mission at a young age. From the homeless to troubled kids and more... I shall be successful!!! Its very important to me, that my music blows because I have a job to do. My job is to give back and truly assist in rebuildng this nation. I created a non-profect organization called JASPER'S STONE. I am in the process of getting it off the ground, and it shall be succesful!! so just look out for it, and of course show your support, comming soon to the web near you. Nothing much is going on right now, just working and trying to keep it positive, and maintaining, FEEL ME? I know its hard out there guys, isolate youself in positve-ness!! Respect the recession and keep it moving. ROXIE YEEEEAAAAHHHHH Baaaaabbbbyyyyy!!!!!! Wassup Delray? whats happening baby?