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Keeping up with the greetings

Hello all!

For those that have added us more recently, we want to say:


Thanks for sending us an, or accepting our, add request. We hope you enjoy our music. (Do you have a favorite from our tracks?) If you're a fellow musician/band, we do listen to your tracks before accepting an add request or sending you one, and if we've added you, we think you sound great! Is there anyone on your friend list you think would also like our music? If so, please pass on the word to have them check us out! Musicians/bands: spread the word about us and we’ll do the same for you! We’re also on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Limited-Light/137512775790?ref=ts ... . Feel free to also check out/add our side-projects at http://www.myspace.com/lightunlimited (mellower) and http://www.myspace.com/hogjowl (heavier)! (Ask us about our mailing list & street team over at http://www.ReverbNation.com/daexpression ... !) Musicians/bands, we can help promote each other at Headline.fm: http://headliner.fm/exchange/ref/25011 ... .

Anyone: at http://www.ReverbNation.com/daexpression you can join our mailing list or become one of our "Street Teamers." In the near future, Bill will be working on re-recording vocals to "On Conflict" and then mixing. This song hasn't been posted anywhere for quite some time, because we knew it needed a lot of work. Bill and Scott have at least one more idea on the backburner for another song, then we'll see where things go from there. Last, who's interested in buying some of our mp3s? We've given some thought to making some of the tracks available for purchase.

-Bill (vocals, Limited Light)

Working, if slowly

Bill (vocals) is re-doing the drum parts originally created by Scott (guitars) using http://www.HobNox.com. Bill is listening carefully and using Fruity Loops Studio to re-do them. So far, he's re-done the drums for "Crush Me, Lift Yourself" and re-done the vocals. However, he'll probably re-do those vocals one more time. Work on the drums for "The Marble Thinker" is nearly complete. So, a new take on the vocals for that song are coming soon. If all goes well, it's on to re-doing drums and vocals for 3-5 other songs. :)

Limited Light
Limited Light  (almost 7 years ago)