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Boston Fame / Blog


Why can't you just smile for me... You raising your voice do expect a child from me... We both grown how dare you talk down to me... This is where discussions turn to arguments.. (damn) Why we always gotta take it here... This the shit that turns my short glances to long stairs... You know I gotta fetish fat ass ass long hair... Nationality surpise me I dnt care... nope (my voice) I base my intrigue on entry the proof is there... So keep my eyes on the prize baby... It's a turn off when you go thin line crazy... Red bottoms on her face what you thinking... Now I gotta bail you out from the police the station?...

30 days of Fame

it started one sunday night...the first sunday night to be exact. The year that proclaims there will be Two # ones in the end will have a hard time validating its case. In leiu of all the persuasive articles, numbers and fans there is ONE fact that cannot be argued against. "There is only room for one at the top!" and Boston Fame has taken us there before with his hit single "Bottom to the top" and has proven he is the only one fit to be there. A few hours into the new year Fame, the peoples choice, is not thinking about change but progression. The second day he released the first single off his 2nd mixtape "Drinks on Me" and will continue to drop a track a day for the next 30 days. call it what you want "the 30 days of hip hop" or "30 days of fame" either way Boston music will never be the same!! Retrieved from: theduffleblogs.wordpress.com

Dufflebag Doll
Dufflebag Doll  (over 4 years ago)


Break ups to make ups

Ok when a person wants a break it doesnt always mean they want time to run off and dothem without repercussions. They may honestly need to step away from the situation and take a breather so when they come back the union will be stronger. My honest opinion is you should only take a "break" if you feel time will strengthen and heal the relationship. If you want to go fuck someone in the time of a break and have a clear conscious bc you feel "We were on a break when it happened" NO be a man or woman and say I want to see other ppl for a while and let your partner make that decision.


Anger, fear, saddness, happiness, depression some of many emotions we go through daily as human beings. I was told at a young age NEVER make decisions based on how your feeling. I can admit I barely follow that principle. The thing is you will get to a point where your tired of hitting your head bc you see the wall and know how to avoid it but dont. I've never made a good decision based off on an emotion. So here is something that I picked up in my years on Gods green earth. When your faced with a decision and you emotions are elevated sit on that decision for at least a day. Get a good night sleep calm down evalutate the situation (sobely) then go for it. I would like to know some other ppls methods bc we will always be faced with decisions and we will always feel. so add on.

Reach for the STARS

Status.Triumph.All.Respect.Serenity. When you aim for the stars the sky is the limit. I remeber setting my goals so low bc of where I came from. Cosistent trial and tribulations can do that to a person. When your down and out or you think you are. The best thing to do is look at other ppls situations. IT CAN always be worse. I dont know the saying verbatim but the man with no shoes was complaining till he met the man with no feet. IT CAN always be worse. That mind set has gotten me through a lot in life. When I think about my sitution now I am truly blessed bc a lot of my friends havent made it to this age. (rest in peace to all the fallen) I just want to encourage everyone to be motivated and reach for the stars. They are there waiting for you to grab hold to embrace and keep in your miopic view. Reach for the stars and starting today and know that what ever your going through will pass. Life is full of seasons. And if you are fortunate enough to where you already have your star and things are going well hold onto it respect it cherish is never let it go. Fame

Dufflebag Doll
Dufflebag Doll  (over 4 years ago)

VERY inspirational .. wish I had read this when I was at a very low point a few months ago ..


I want to know why is it so hard for ppl to trust each other when they are proclaiming to be monogamous whether they are in a relationship or not. I have a few reasons but I want feedback to see how long this list can go... 1. Is it bc they are not truly being faithful? 2. Is it bc you are giving them a reason to feel they cant trust you intentionally or not? 3. Is it bc they are scarred from their past relationship to the point where it doesnt matter what you say or do? Add on FB plz and quick food for thought. If you dont have solid proof stop accusing ppl bc we all know what happens when you assume...

Dufflebag Doll
Dufflebag Doll  (over 4 years ago)

If a person doesnt trust their partner theres only TWO reasons .. either they arent faithful themselves or THEY KNOW their partner isnt completely faithful!!

if a person isnt being 100% faithful but expecting faithfulness from someone else they cannot trust their partner simply because they have not yet mastered trusting themselves. and since they know they themselves cant be faithful they believe that no one else can, because they dont want to seem like the only wrong person, they convict other people so they can justify their own actions and feel as if what they are doing isnt wrong even though they know it is... the greatest disloyalty is the one done unto yourself.. if you cant trust yourself how can you expect anyone else too??? TRUST is a concious thing... if you have a guilty concious you cannot trust anyone, if your concious is clear nothing can mask your perception of your partner and your trust will be unlimited.

on the other hand, intuition is a powerful thing. but it cannot be the only thing that you go on. There are different forms of cheating .. physically, mentally or emotionally. Seeking anyone elses opinions or approval or friendship over your partners is cheating. Crying on, depending on, or supporting a person of the opposite sex when you have a partner to share things with is cheating on some level. Its giving someone else a piece of yourself. People fail to realize that humans are creatures of emotion, without an emotional tithe to someone the physical doesnt matter, so giving someone any part of your emotional being or mentally stimulating someone is giving them what is supposed to be exclusive to the person you love. This is why alot of relationships fail because people tend to believe if they are monogamous then that is all that matters... that isnt true the highest form of love is mental, if you lead someone to believe you think of them in other ways other than friendship or you give them a chance to linger in your thought process you are sharing the deepest part of yourself. LEARN exclusivity and then and ONLY then will you understand LOYALTY and TRUST !!


I am curious... I'm not trying to bug ladies. But are legins the new chinese slippers? Yall look good in them but damn I like seeing my ladies dress...

Dufflebag Doll
Dufflebag Doll  (over 4 years ago)

alot of men complain about women in leggings but then chase them... why is that??

leggings are the laziest and cheapest fashion trend ever!!! DBD does not condone them lol.

Boston Fame

The Best up and coming rapper out of Boston Mass.