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NEW VIDEO BLOG: Shadow Checks In From The Premiere Of 'Thunder Soul'

DJ Shadow has posted a video blog of his trip to see the world premiere of the documentary "Thunder Soul," about the Kashmere Stage Band...Check It Out Here: http://bit.ly/thundersoulvlog

Remix Cover Art Submissions- Tell Us What YOU THINK...

Here are some of the Remix art submissions that we like so far: http://bit.ly/rmixart

Keep in mind that these are just SOME of the submissions that we like. If you submitted a design and it is not posted, DO NOT assume that yours will not be chosen.

And to all of you graphic designers who have not yet submitted something, you have until March 31st. http://www.djshadow.com/remixcd www.djshadow.com/arttips

POST YOUR COMMENTS: http://bit.ly/rmixart

Thanks! -The DJShadow.com Crew

Midnight In A Perfect World Remix

Check out the latest finalist for the DJ Shadow Remix Project: "Midnight Fuso Remix" by Fuso G.

Shadow: "I'm loving the use of the original vocal sample from 'Midnight,' and the fresh direction the producer takes the song. Well-mixed and programmed, I would play this!"

Check it out: http://bit.ly/midnightremix

Thanks For Your Support! -The DJShadow.com Crew