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Shades of Gray

The title my upcoming album has its roots in several areas. First the studio where it was recorded. Brighter Shade at 800 East in Atlanta, GA. This is where my good friend and producer John Driskell Hopkins is able to work his magic. In addition to producing his own band Brighter Shade, John has worked with some great talent over the years, to include Zac Brown and Sonia Leigh. He knows music and how to get it out of people in a way that doesn't compromise their own vision. Truly a gifted individual. My song 'Wrong Way' is about choosing the wrong path, and discovering most of life's hardships are either the result of our own choices and actions, or our poor reaction to outside forces. "The line I drew between black and white is now several shades of gray", is the innocence we lose as a result growing up, and magnified by some of our choices and experiences. The picture perfect family might not be so perfect, but we still love them. The kids that were scorned on the playground are now employing the ones who scorned them. Nothing is as absolute as it was when we were six. So the title also represents the different styles that have worked their way into this project over the years of my life. Early on I remember listening to Chicago, Neil Diamond, and Johnny Cash, later moving to Zeppelin, Jimmy Buffett, Harry Connick Jr's big band and funk sound, & Dave Matthews Band. Now It's anything I can get my hands on, and there's a little piece of everything I like in this album. I can't wait for you to hear these different Shades of Gray