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Christianity and Politics

So many Christians in America today are politically driven. Most classify themselves as 'conservative', 'right-wing', and/or 'Republican'. While those classifications tend to echo Christian sentiments, they are NOT representative of Christianity.

Most Christians today are so swallowed by the world, they can only view the world from inside the tiny box the world put them in. That box is labelled 'politics'.

The word 'politics' is literally translated "compromise". Does this sound like an institution of Christ...or Satan? Please enlighten me as to where in the Scriptures God compromised with any of His creations? There is one word consistently associated with God, as He Himself says so over and over: UNCHANGING.

Our system of government does not need CHANGE. It has been CHANGE that ruined it. CHANGE is satanic. What it needs is REPENTANCE. It is within REPENTANCE that Christians find the CHANGE they are looking for - not in the confidence of men.

Can anyone tell me what political affiliation Christ was during His earthly ministry? or that of his disciples? Hint: the 'political parties' of the time were Pharisees, Sadducees, and Essenes. They were obviously none of the above. Politicians were called 'publicans' at that time, and that unequivocally comes across as a dirty word in the Scriptures.

The government of men over men is a curse, and that curse has existed since Israel spit in God's face and demanded an earthly king about 3500 years ago. Any Christian who looks to the government of man for answers to 'worldly' problems is going to get exactly what he is asking for...folly. The government of men is a direct reflection of the state of the governed - so if you are so incensed about the current gubmint's state of affairs, look to thine own self first. And if you think you are the quintessential Christian, you best look again...

Putting 'Racism' to Rest Once and for All

I have been accused in many forms and fashions of being a 'racist' simply because I understand, and therefor believe, in the exclusive message of the Bible.

Being a student of history, I absolutely recognize the direct connection between the 'white race' of today and the Genesis Chapter 10 list of nations of men being the direct descendants of Noah's 3 boys, Japeth, Shem, and Ham. All the historical documentation of those nations contained in the Scriptures are 100% validated by archaeology and related studies, directly reflecting exactly who the sons of Adam really are, conclusively proving that "men" in the Scriptures is only referring to "white men" and no others. So, how can I be a 'racist' if I don't even believe there are "races of men"? Tribes of men, yes. Nations of men, yes, but not "races" according to Darwinian classification which spits in the face of the Scriptures. Plain and simple, 'men' are not 'homo sapiens'. Why let misplaced altruism ruin my walk with my Father? Does this exclusive 'interpretation' of the Bible make me hateful of "non-men" (mamzers and beasts)? Certainly not for the sake of being hateful. Christians are not supposed to be hateful - except towards that which is evil in the sight of God - and that is what non-Christians and 'non-men' want to focus on, especially since all Genesis 10 white nations are chin deep in mamzers and beasts, being heavily propagandized to believe that these invading aliens are actually our 'blood brothers' as they consume our substance, propelling us on a course to extinction. Why does the white race not recognize that our God not only made us distinctly different from all of His other creations, but that it goes the same for EVERY ONE of his creations? God is the creator of 'separation', of 'division', and thus - for all intents and purposes - 'race'! Who are we to declare we are all the same?!?! God is so picky, he chose a remnant of a people (Israel) from the sons of Adam to carry on His Name and His Law, separating them from the rest of Adamkind, calling them HOLY, which literally means SEPARATED UNTO GOD. Christ himself declared, "I come not to bring 'peace', but division!".

Not making concessions for 'homo sapiens' is neither 'racist', nor evil, but is the will of the Creator of all men, as is very eloquently stated over and over in the Scriptures. The truth is the truth no matter what your feelings are, and the truth is only hateful to those who deny it. And never forget, this exclusivity is NOT a reason for Christians to act contrary to the teachings of Christ, which are of LOVE!

Evolution is Satanic

Evolution is Satanic in nature because it is a lie - it directly refutes the Truth of the Scriptures, and spits in the face of the One and Only Creator God, YHWH.

The modern scientific classification of the plants and animals of the earth is based upon this satanic concept of evolution; so to classify God's children - the descendants of Adam (sons of men) - as 'homo sapiens' is patently wrong and must remain completely outside the scope of the Scriptures. Trying to fit black, brown, red, and yellow homo sapiens into the Scriptural scope of "men" is complete folly, as there was only one man ever created: Adam (literally meaning "fair, red, rosy, ruddy, to show blood in the skin"), whose bloodline was continued and assured through Noah, who was "perfect in his generations", and his 3 sons who could in NO WAY each be a different "race" from their father, as well as one another. There is no such thing as "races of men" in the eyes of God. "Race" is a Darwinian classification and is used by the enemies of God to reduce men to the category of beasts. Men are descendants of Adam according to God's first law of creation: kind after kind. ANYTHING else is NOT a man, and in the Scriptures is referred to as either a mamzer or simply a beast (of the field).

This is a fundamental concept that should be understood before any true Adamite can fully understand who he himself is, what the Scriptures are saying and, ultimately, who his Savior truly is. If this rings true to you, let it digest for a bit...

OMG...did I just read something RACIST? That's not Christian - that's HATE!

My response: The truth is hate to those who deny the truth (not necessarily on purpose) - so search your own heart - is there enough of the love of Christ in you to not fall to quick judgement but to extend a small effort in investigating the assertions? Knock, and the door will be opened - it was for me, Praise Christ!