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I am...

It is the year 2020, and I am part of the remnant of my kind. I am the most powerful force on the earth, but so passive that I gave that power to my enemies. I am the epitome of what God calls GOOD, yet the world vilifies me as evil. I am the purveyor of civilization, yet live in bondage. I am the voice of reason, yet called crazy. I am the father who loves his family, yet demonized as an abuser. I am the truth teller, yet accused of brainwashing. I am diverse, yet apparently my qualifications don’t count. I am the apple of my Father’s eye, yet I am groomed to hate myself. I am a master of the land, yet I am enslaved to it. I am the world, yet the world no longer reflects me. I am a vessel for the Holy Spirit, yet I now only want to fill myself with liquid spirits. I am a shepherd, yet send my sheep to the wolves. I am judgement, yet fear offending. I am love, yet everyone calls me hatred. I am the voice crying out in the wilderness, yet choose to stay silent. I am the example to aspire to be, yet public enemy #1. I am the white Christian man.

Christian State?

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Jesus Saves?

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Biblical Race?

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