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If have not yet put your vote in for me iceman for manager of the year and Yung Jabb for male artist and independent artist of the year we need that vote today. And if you have put your vote in me and Yung Jabb thank you all for showing love. ALL-STARZZ STAND UP!!!! LET'S GO VOTE TODAY!! #VOTE #VOTE #VOTE #VOTE THE BALLOT IS UP FOR THE GRUSTLERS AWARDS http://t.co/xwGqEsog

Shout Out

Shout Out!!!!! To http://www.reverbnation.com/pdicey check him out...Good looking out on the support.

Great words from artist!!!

"Its possible to live about 3 days with no water, 1 month 1/2 without food, 6 minutes without air, but you can't live a second without hope. Stay true to yourself. Don't late the loud noise of others opinions drown out your inner voice. Follow your 1st mind & your heart every time because the heart won't lead you wrong. I'm saying this because you may have needed to hear it. If not, then you may know somebody who does need to hear it. Tell them." Thank you Candi Redd...go check her site out...YJ Hustle together or fall separate...

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Need that support check me out @ http://www.wjiz.com/new2/artists/yungjabb

Holla at me

Get me @ Facebook...really wanna here from people about that movement..."GOOD MUSIC"...YJ

To all who support the movement

I would love to thank those who support what i'm pushing for.....Good music. Always on the grind..YJ

Show support 4 my street team

They are also artist and producers. Give them holla for that good stuff we call music!!!!

The Blue Pill Experience

Come check out that mixtape at www.datpiff.com...Get @ me

Check my single "Shoulder Rock"

This is your boy Yung Jabb pushing to put my single on the spot. Also check out my myspace site for the "Shoulder Rock contest"....