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whole lot of recording going on...

we've got about four songs just about at that final mix stage where we can set them loose -- which means, of course, posting them on RN. life just keeps getting in the way, but we hope to have some new music for you soon. plus, as promised, a brand-new fan exclusive download starting in october.

we would also love you forever if you left nice words on our comments page here at ReverbNation. if we had t-shirts (someday, but not yet) we would send you one. we will soon have CDs -- we could send you one of those. or we could send you kisses! half-naked pix of electric birth! autumn leaves scooped from the streets of harlem! you leave a comment, you make the call.


brand-new song uploaded today

we are very proud of "Taps", a wordrock ballad about environmental destruction. THIS TRACK IS A FAN EXCLUSIVE UNTIL THE END OF SEPTEMBER AND IS AVAILABLE FOR FREE DOWNLOAD!

come and get it! and if you like the track, please leave a comment about it, and tell your friends to join the SheelerBirth fan page to get their free mp3.

mike watt is a true gentleman

the house was packed -- all the seats out, SRO shoulder-to-shoulder from the stage all the way to the door. it felt more like CBGB's than the bowery poetry club. maybe 150 people in the room, another 300+ watching the webcast. a great tribute show with a great host.

mike watt himself was such a generous "regular guy" despite this whole brouhaha being put on in his honor. hit a couple sour notes on the first song, stopped and said "ah, clams" -- who knew "clams" was the universal language of guitar typos?

two standout bands in the tribute were tweede kamer and the pillowmen. gotta go see if they have home here on reverbnation.

then...off to the studio. mixing time!

loving that this gig is recommended by The New Yorker

we love doing this kind of experimental work. imagine reinterpreting 70's SoCal punk into spoken word then kicking it SheelerBirth style?

short but sweet, this little gig is gonna ROCK.

free mp3 download will be available for fans as soon as we can get it cleaned up and posted, hopefully by sunday.

here's what the magazine said about this tribute show:

“Double Nickels on the Dime,” by the seminal American punk trio the Minutemen, is one of the greatest albums of the eighties. The two-LP set, an ambitious collision of rock, punk, jazz, and incisively intelligent lyrics (its title was a wry response to Sammy Hagar’s über-macho hit, “I Can’t Drive 55”), came out one year before the band collapsed following the death of its lead singer and guitarist, D. Boon, in a car crash. The original Minutemen member and tirelessly affable bass player Mike Watt celebrates the album’s twenty-fifth anniversary with a multimedia tribute featuring an array of artists and performers.

SheelerBirth is honored to be opening this show!

yep, birth can sing!

E.B. came stepped away from the guitars and into the vocal booth for a hot minute yesterday. you'll hear how that went (fabulously!) when we post Vagabond Universe. should be up some time next week.

a little bit bogged down in a special project we're doing for a tribute to the Minutemen tomorrow. should be a great little gig, but as ever with these one-shot specialty shows, took a lot more work on the back end than was expected.

we'll be posting an mp3 -- either live from the show, or a studio dub version -- on sunday as a fan exclusive.

now it's back to work!

feels good to inch past the "getting started" line...

spent more time online than in the studio the last few days trying to get our weblife in order.

reverbnation has been extremely helpful, helping us get connected to our facebook page.

today, two studio chores: first, rewiring the rack with shorter power cables to eliminate (some of) the rat's nest behind it. second is trickier: do we really understand what normalled, half-normalled and un-normalled mean? if yes, we get the patchbay (and there goes some of the rest of the rat's nest). if not, well....

suggestions, anyone?

getting started with reverb nation

don't it seem like something's gonna take a couple hours, then it takes a couple days. at least to do it right. why do something any way but right? we want to know you the way you want to be known, and vice fucking versa. so.

a day of fine-tuning mixes, videos, bios. a day of putting on our shiniest face for you guys.

cross your fingers about that, k?