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A year ago today.........Grateful

In some ways it feels like it was just yesterday that the devastation of the April tornados that hit us here in Alabama: homes, families, businesses forever lost and, as you know, took everything that the band had as well: with no gear - we couldn't play shows. As if that wasn't enough, we then had to deal with losing our whole album. Amazingly enough, there was never a moment when any of us EVER had another decision besides to try to figure out how to move forward; but, believe me, personally I was absolutely asking myself why was the powers-that-be throwing all off these obstacles our way? Was the Universe trying to send us a message to STOP the dream? I still don't have the answers even now, but I CAN tell you that our CD release party definitely felt like we were finally able to close this horrible chapter of "2011: the lost year" for RVG. I hate to sound so girly, but when I saw all of my friends, old & new, & family there to support us - even after SO long a time since we last played...to hear the yells, screams of encouragement & excitement, the huge smiles, the hugs, the laughs, such positive energy emanating from everyone in the crowd - I kinda got choked up and even now I cannot find the words to express my thanks and how much that really meant to me - I know it meant the world to the guys. In some ways, looking back today, it also feels like a lifetime ago. I see now that going through those experiences DID make us a better band and a better album - but it was all of YOUR support that somehow silently was able to soothe all of those painful frustrations and enable us to feel like we've finally closed that 2011 lost year for Rearview Ghost. When we went into the studio to record our album for the second time, we put everything that we had left and everything that we had felt and gone through up til that point into it and we cannot wait to share it with everyone! We've made it through some pretty staggering bumps in the road of Life, and with our new additions, Jenae & Ryan, to the RVG machine - nothing can keep us down for long! Today, on the first year anniversary of the April 27th tornados, my thoughts and prayers go out to all of those people whose lives were forever changed that day. I never would have thought that after everything that Rearview Ghost and the people of Alabama have been through that I would have ended up feeling incredibly grateful - but am I ever so. I'm grateful to still have my loving friends & family, RVG fans, my band and my spirit. Rearview Ghost is stronger than ever and we're coming with a vengeance to TAKE BACK 2012!! THANK YOU ALL!! ~ Josia

Wes Dinwiddie
Wes Dinwiddie  (over 5 years ago)

Glad RVG is back! We need some good music out here!!!!

New practice pad!!

HELL YEAH!! Looks like we found our new practice pad! Just had our 1st jam there on sunday and we have a month before going back into the studio in aug. and again in sept to rerecord our 1st studio album! CANNOT wait!! We are so pumped!! As soon as we get out of the studio we'll be booking shows again so check back often. We MIGHT try to throw in one show before studio!! Keep moving forward and.... ROCK ON!!!


We are finally going into the studio THIS friday and are SO pumped!! We cannot wait to have our new album finished and be out on the road playing more live shows!! We will have new RVG photos and merch available with our album release so look out for that as well! Thank you for ALL of your support!!!

Much Love, Rearview Ghost


We have set studio in september 2010 to record our new album!! We cannot tell you how EXCITED we are!! Get ready everybody!!