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Leland Karlton and Brandon Jordan Tonight!

I'm looking forward to our acoustic Venice Black Coffee Rock Pow Wow gig tonight. This is a local series I'm setting up at the Talking Stick, in Venice Beach, aimed toward people in recovery who want to hear good music, and party, in an atmosphere where there is strong coffee and no booze. Listened to Brandon's new tune 'Fist To The Fire' last night... it sounds incredible! It is definitely radio worthy, and I'm hoping to be able to add a track and play on it before it is totally done. For those of you who don't know, Brandon was the singer in the Columbia signed band Kill Radio, and it has been a pleasure colaborating with him. I have started recording a new song called 'One Good Dog' for my next record, 'Time Delay'. I am really happy with how it is sounding and I am looking forward to its release. I will be selling the last copies of Praising Firemen By Roasting pigs tonight. Buy em up... they will be worth something some day. I will be performing some of those songs such as Red Ants, and will also be playing songs such as Quebrado from my album The Western Exterminator. SEE YOU AT THE SHOW TONIGHT! LOVE LELAND