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Back into Reverbnation

Howdy folks!

It is great to be back blogging again after a very loooooooooong sabbatical!

Our reverbnation page (http://www.reverbnation.com/indigiefemme) has been updated with videos, music downloads and streaming from our latest CD's - "Te Hau Waiata" & "Grandmother Earth Grandfather Sky."

We will be on tour promoting both these CD's during summer in the South East corner in the States. Also our West Coast tour in July & Aug. We will be touring Europe for the first time in Oct & Nov! YAHOO!

We are also in the mists of reconstructing our Indigie Femme web page! It is all go!!

Please keep posted on our reverbnation, facebook and website of our shows as we would love to see you and your friends!

Look forward to seeing you seeing you soon!

Thanks elena & tash

Walking in Memphis

Having a total blast in Memphis, TN.

We feel so blessed to walk in through a local door way which has made out experience here more meaningful.

Two powerful performances! Truly amazing people that came!

Kudos to Doris Bradshaw and her daughter Marquita who have been behind the scenes making our stay and performances possible.

Loving Memphis as it is soooooo green! A total contrast from New Mexico!

Can't wait to come back!

Palm Springs, CA last show for the year!

Palm Springs, CA is a best kept secret to be during winter!

We are here for the 12th National Indian Nations Conference and was very honored to open this reception on Wednesday night.

There are over 1000 attendees from the many different Nations throughout the States. It has truly been amazing! The focus being, "Justice for Victims of Crime."

We are extremely respectful to all the people in attendance with the phenomenal work and advocacy they do in their communities, reservations, tribal courts etc. It is an honor to be around all these amazing people!

Last night was a blast! Before the beautiful Joanne Shannadoah performed followed by Ernie and James (comedians) we were graced by the Attorney General Secretary - Eric Holder. He spoke very eloquently of United States government supporting Tribal and government law to help victims of crimes. We were told that, this was the first time any official from the White House had attended a conference. So the room was buzzing!!

It has been an amazing conference!

What a phenomenal way for us to finish the years of many performances. We have clocked over 60,000 miles promoting our Cd, "Indian Souvenir." This Cd has been nominated for 3 music awards this year. Our hard work is being recognized. We feel very blessed to be walking this road. We have met so many amazing people! Thank you all!

Unfortunately another conference beckons us back to Albuquerque so we are leaving on a flight tonight. We have really been soaking up the warmth and catching any amounts of sun rays to add to our complexions.

We will be back in Santa Fe, NM on Monday ready to start organizing our tour itineraries for next year as well as getting ready to go back into the studio.

Yours elena & tash

Hamilton, ON, Canada

One of my favorite places in the world . . . Canada.

Flew in mid afternoon into Toronto! Weather was a lot more warmer than I had anticipated!

Into the hotel and into the gym to stretch out and wake up the body after five hours of flying time.

Had a great early morning start to the sound a fire alarm!

Then wondered sleepily down the hallway and fire exit out into the freezing Ontario street to be huddled with other Hotel residents!

To think I was really freaked out that we may miss our early morning sound check! Ha!

Really looking forward to tonight's Awards Ceremony and after party! Yeehoo!

Canadian Aborigianl Music Award Nominee

Today we just heard that our CD "Indian Souvenir" has been nominated in the 2010 Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards for Best International Album.

We feel very honored to have been nominated.

Thank you to the committee and also to our amazing fanbase!

Blessings tash & elena

2010 NAMMY nominations

We are stoaked to hear that we have been nominated for two NAMMY awards. (Native American Music Awards.) They included Best Folk Recording and Debut Duo!

We have been fortunate to travel over 40,000 miles since May this year promoting our latest CD, "Indian Souvenir." So to receive these nominations has been a gift and testimony of our belief in our music journey.

We encourage all our family and friends to bring their networks on board and support us in these two nominations Please pass these link to them and VOTE FOR US!

Our latest newsletter and travels click http://p0.vresp.com/FwtzoW

2010 NAMMY nominations click http://www.nativeamericanmusicawards.com


tash & elena

Indigie Femme website

Howdy all

Thought I'd take the time to slip off the hard working trail to write a few lines on the blog.

At the moment we are in Santa Barbara with our wonderful Southern Cheyenne web designer throwing together wicked ideas for our website . . . actually Rebecca (web designer) is the one throwing them all together!

All has been great on the travel aspect of things. We are in the middle of everything at the moment. It is great to take a down time from two months on the road.

Loving all of it all.

Very excited about the website and looking forward to it being finished.

Three week road tour thru California

We just got back from having a magical trip to Australia. We met up with old friends and made many new friends.

We clocked up 11,000kms in our hired van. Saw amazing things and places. I would have to say my personal favorite (being very bias) was being back on Magnetic Island, North Queensland and also up there was our time in Alice Springs, Northern Territory.

We are looking forward to returning in 2011/2012. Maybe we will be lucky enough to clock up more miles.

We have been home a week resting and getting ready for our road trip to California.

As a result of resting we have spent the last 24 hours packing our Eurovan and also updating all our performances electronically. If only there was an easier way . . .

We are in for a 'deadly' July and August. Hope to see you somewhere out there!

Blessings elena & tash

Getting ready for months of touring

Well thought I'd write a quickie as today getting ready to go on the road for the next few months.

Thanks to all our local support for coming out to our CD Release Parties on the weekend. We had a blast!

This Friday we head to Washington DC for a week. Looking forward to supporting and networking at the Virginia Women.s Music Festival.

We then are on a plane to Australia at the end of the month for an intense 42 day tour.

We are very excited to be back in Australia. Joining us will be our amazing friend Vijali Hamilton. We have collaborated our arts and toured throughout Utah, California, Oregon, Washington and New Mexico.

Vijali has dedicated her life as a peacemaker. She uses her skills as a sculptor, film maker, poet, musician and author to further this mission. Vijali started her World Wheel project in 1986 circling the planet in indigenous communities as she worked with the arts in her quest for world peace.

See you somewhere on the road!

CD Release Party!

Thank you to everyone who made our CD Release Party a success!

We were honored to have Northern Cheyenne Spiritual Leader James Woodenlegs open the show with a blessings. He comes from Montana and is an advocate for Deaf/Native awareness through lectures and workshops nationwide. He will open the event with blessings and storytelling. Joining him was Vickie Downey from Tesuque Pueblo who also offer a blessing.

Performing with us was cellist Chase Morrison. Chase has played on Broadway, in Carnegie & Avery Fisher Halls, toured with Barbra Streisand and Joni Mitchell, and has recorded with Grammy artist Paula Cole. And also pizzazz percussionists Carolina Acuña. Carolina is an organic “intellectual” musician, sound practitioner, curandera, dancer and ritualistic.

Our three ASL interpreters were phenomenal!

Thank you to all those who attended our Release Party and to also all those who sent us well wishes!

The audience feedback was extremely moving from the positive experience felt by all!

We will be having another local CD Release Party at Cosmo Tapas in Albuquerque tomorrow (Sunday 16 May) at 4pm. Looking forward to our producer, Larry Mitchell to join us on stage.

Larry toured as guitarist for a wide range of musical artists including: Tracy Chapman, Billy Squier, Ric Ocasek, as well as being a band member of "the Crunch.” Larry has been performing live with two-time Grammy winner Taos Pueblo Native Robert Mirabal, as well as our celebrated Muskogee Creek Native American artist Joy Harjo and Northern Cheyenne artist Shelley Morningsong.