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And then it was over

The tour ended at the Crauford arms Milton Keynes on Sunday night, it was a hell of a journey. we started in Bristol (arriving just as a beuatiful sunset lit the sky)at the Chelsea inn, a wonderful underground kind of venue, up close and personal with a brilliant and appreciative audience, in spite of van reliability issues we all had a great evening. The next day was a day off ( a lucky thing as the van needed a new starter motor) so we spent the night at home with our families and set off for Birmingham the next day arriving at the Adam and Eve early evening to an open fire and a steaming hot mug of tea, Rock and Roll!!! A banging set from Djevara kicked off the festivities with Bass making full use of the entire length of the venue, The World Citizens enchanted all and the Eastendtrinity rocked them. Off to Aberdeen next a long drive north watching another beaultiful sun set as we wend our way through the hills, the Moorings, another great venue on the quayside, it was raining when we got there but it was warm dry and alcoholic in the venue, as we were staying at teh venue there seemed no reason not to enjoy these comforts, unfortunately Geoff (Djevara) could not make the gig so Bass performed an acoustic version some of their songs to brilliant effect, World Citizen had them dancing in the aisles and Eastendtrinity got louder and rockier than before an excellent gig, we were by this time relaxing into the tour and getting comfortable on stage, a big thanks must go out to all at the Moorings that night, particularly Penfold, a great gig and a great audience.

First day of the tour

The sun was setting over a misty Bristol as we arrived in Easton in spite of the van with all of the amps breaking down and malfunctioning speaker leads, at the Chelsea Inn, a great and friendly venue, Djevaras particular brand of intelligent metal was played to an appreciative audience, Bass's heartfelt vocal belted out over the rich... full tones of his and Geoffs guitar and bass all firmly marshalled by Malcs metronomic drumming. Babar lucks world citizen folk band then mellowed the mood with some spiritual thoughtful folk music lilting strings,perfect percussion, booming bass and strident, intelligent lyrics. Then it was our turn, two very hard acts to follow but the Eastendtrinity rocked it hard, we were joined on stage by the lovely Gemma on Violin replicating her contribution to the CD 'Got No Fear At All'. In spite of the trials and tribulations of the early evening a perfect start to the tourmany thanks to Lemmy for putting the show on at late notice and to Anita for the hospitality. Next stop Birmingham