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We've been missing you!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to drop in and give a little update on the WOaR camp. We've been working hard and traveling and having all the fun we know how to have. How cool was the Travis Tritt show??? Totally AWESOME!!! Were you there? What did you think? Let us know...leave us a comment here on RN or on FB.

It's fall again and that means the rounds of local clubs and bars is back in full swing! I am SO excited to see everyone we've missed terribly over the summer. Oh, we are looking at adding some new places to see y'all and possibly spreading out to other areas as well to reach those fans from further away.

Well, I won't keep you, just wanted to say hi. Stay in touch and keep your eyes peeled for where you can come see us. I'll do my best to keep everything updated! :) Talk to y'all soon!

Love ~ Wendy (and the boys)

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