April 2013

With confidence, you're halfway to the finish line before the race even begins...

Knowledge is Power

Life is a blessing... LIVING IS A CURSE! Dreams occur when we're sleeping... Achievements happen when dreams become concrete! Giving up on life, or yourself, IS NOT AN OPTION! We must live in order to understand life;understanding life is to get to know yourself, as well as, your surroundings. We must get in tune with our rhythm. No matter the situation or circumstances, there's a rhythm to it all;a number system. Its totally up to us to solve our rhythmic equation... SEEK YOURS! Go for what you know in all things you engage in! Find your rhythm. I certainly found mine! One Love to You All!!!! ...that guy

2013 New Music, New Beginning

Keeping focused on your goals is the best encouragement. Every day is an opportunity for a fresh new start. I am looking forward to making new music, as well as hearing new music from all of my musician family of friends. Aim high and reach for the sky!

Heads UP: Music Manager

Music Manager (aka Artist Manager, Talent Manager, Band Manager, or Personal Manager)

The Music Manager has the most interaction with the artist and is generally the most important person in the artist's musical life. They are involved in planning, coordinating and organizing the career of the artist. They are involved in counseling and advising the artist on all matters related to their musical careers. The personal manager should research the music industry and know all about record labels, publishing companies, producers, booking agents, promoters, publicists, stylists, photographers, recording engineers, graphic designers, video directors, music licensees, etc., and how they integrate themselves into the overall career plan. The more contacts the manager has, the more effective they will be at their job.

Knowledge is Power

Heads UP: Artist - Here are some tips for the D.I.Y era. There are dozens of fan relationship management resources like Reverbnation and FanBridge, among others, are marketed to artists as tools that enable them to engage with fans in a more direct and meaningful way. Sites like GigMaven and Sonicbids enable artists to pitch directly to venues and book their own tours. Resources like Sellaband, Pledge Music, Kickstarter and others enable artists to raise money for recordings, videos, tours, and more. Music libraries and licensing agents (like those found at Music Library Report) offer assistance with music placements in Film & TV productions. Digital distributors like Orchard, CD Baby, Tunecore, IODA and others offer musicians a means to distribute their music directly to fans via iTunes, etc. Social media networks (Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc) make it possible for artists to handle publicity duties themselves.

Reverbnation Family Ties

Thank you to all the musicians, artists, producers, companies, execs, that I can proudly say are part of my extended musical family. You are all an amazingly exceptional group of individuals that I can proudly say that I am grateful to be affiliated. Your support is strong and motivational. God Bless, Terrence Hamilton

Working Hard

Currently working on finishing up a brand new ep with amazing new material...Keep on the lookout..so far 3 songs sampled for official ep..check me out

Terrence Hamilton's Album " My Journey"


"My Journey", the debut album by R&B singer/songwriter Terrence Hamilton was digitally released in spring of 2011 on the JOS Entertainment label. Hamilton describes My Journey as diverse but balanced collection of experiences. The album has a strong, edgy feel, but is also intimate and vulnerable. The way the songs progress on the album is going to take you on a journey, hopefully that is relate-able and relevant for what one goes through in relationships.

Read more: http://archive.iheartradio.com/new2/artists/i/329434?psid=454042#ixzz1Q8YLstFQ

Terrence Hamilton


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