Countdown to New Music 2014

GEt ready for something new for your listening enjoyment. Been working in the lab on something unexpected for you!

Keep it Moving

We learn the most valuable lessons from our hardships and mistakes. They may be big or small, but the things that we learn are always there to teach us, to remind us of where we were in the past and that we don't ever want to go back


With the state of affairs in the world today, and the entertainment industry, have you taken the time to assess and determine your priorities? Are you committed to following through and staying on the course? Just some food for thought


Music needs more creativity and individualism, artist need to step outside the box and create a whole new Genre, it is very possible, there are no limits as to what you can with all types of music. If you're creative...But hey, what can I say? I could go on all day.


I like to thank all of you who have viewed and listened to my music. I am working toward making more music that you will enjoy now and in the future. Because of your continued support and encouragement, I am working more toward my destiny, and I owe it to God, and you. Thank you all so much and I pray you continue to support me.


Love life, it is a gift, revel in just being alive and never be afraid to make mistakes, We are all better for them for it makes us who we are.


Music means so much to me, that it's hard to describe it in words. It moves my soul, touches my heart, and inspires me. Music allows me to be creative and express my feelings in song. It also allows me to positively touch and impact the lives of others.

Music will always be a part of me.....

More Music Business Knowledge

Signing a contract with a major label is often compared to finding the Holy Grail in musician commune as it might solve all the musician’s problems and more or less guarantees huge popularity. Of course, there are many examples when such contracts have actually caused problems (Saigon and Papoose just to name few) and fatally undermined their rap careers. However, that’s not what I’m going to talk about as we have heard that the industry is shady countless times and, of course, most often it is said by the artists themselves. But what about the people who have signed contracts with major labels and released 1 or more albums?

Many artists and bands, who have made a huge fan base thanks to their unique style and original approach towards creating music and have signed sign contracts with major labels afterwards have emerged recently. But, in my opinion, joining a bigger label has not helped the musicians as everyone hoped it would.

As far as I’ve observed, signing a contract with a major label is not a productive long term step for groups and artists who have specific style and fan base. Sequel to a game changing albums is created for a completely different purpose than the original – it will be made to please the public, to make more people to buy the album, therefore it should sound like something old rather than something new and innovative. Maybe artists should put “I” or “Part I” in the title of their debut albums so that after 10 years there is at least a bit of context.

Summer is here!!


Quick Word

Music is the soundtrack to life.