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Cops and crappy neighbors killing our buzz

so we've been practicing at the same place for over two years now and our stay has finally come to an end. we've been so lucky as to have cleet's parents support us and facilitate our music but the neighbors haven't shown the same support. yesterday after I left practice the cops showed up for the 15th time or so and used their scare tactics again on cleet's parents. saying things like "the law doesn't mean anything" and "it doesn't have to be written in the law for us to do it" in regards to seizing our equipment. in the past our experiences with CPD have been for the most part enjoyable. things like "we HAD to come over because of a call, you guys sound great", and "im not going to cite you regardless because i can tell you're within the law with your volume, keep up the good work" are the norm. however, we have had a few run ins with ignorant, gestapo pigs trying to throw their authority around and scare us into thinking we're wrong. we've read the law, we know our rights, and we've even documented our ability to be under the specified decibel level on a hourly average as describe in the law.

still, the neighbors, all but one of which remain anonymous when calling to complain, have persisted with complaints past cleet's dad's breaking point. we feel no animosity towards papa bear whatsoever, he has supported us and put up with parties and practice for a very long time and we couldn't be more gracious. as well as our neighbors who have supported our group and came out to shows and partied with us (scott, jordan). but to the neighbors and the pigs who have unrelentingly spit in our faces we would like to all give the great big finger, along with tickets to every one of our shows.

it just goes to show how hard it is to make it in this industry, especially in a city with such a lack of support for musicians. so for now, we'll be buying a full set of drum mutes for adam's kit as well as removing our stacks from the mix and substituting shitty little 12'' combos. this should force us to address any and all minor issues in every song now that they cant hide behind the immense volume.

we are however looking to rent a really nice practice space, assuming we dont have the same noise issues, which we should be able to forgo in this case. 1200 sqft of pure musical focus should be ours in the next couple of weeks or so, we'll keep everyone updated on how the situation unfolds.



we're new to reverb nation but we will be blowing it up soon enough so check back in a day or so!