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J.I.M.M.Y is alive! - two weeks later

Well what can I say... the week got off to a really good start with a gig at Rogues bar on Monday. I had the privilege of having Andy Calder play lead guitar for me on the night and it sounded amazing!!

We had a another jam on Wednesday and went out after to play live but we got to the place too late and couldn't get a chance to play but we still had a good night! I fact I did one song with local entertainment legend Martin Webb or Lord Webb as he is also known!?! It didn't sound pretty but it was a good laugh and what's more he took us out to a club for an all expenses paid night out!! It also happened to be Matt birthday after Midnight and for those of you who know the Lions Den - we celebrated it in style!!

Unfortunately... all good things must come to an end!! Without giving to much away, until after the court case, the end of the night was not without incident!! It was to say the least and eventful night!!

aNe way... I'm going to lay low for the weekend and perhaps if I'm feeling and looking up to it - will play at Rogues Wine Bar on Monday night.... followed by me Hosting my Jam night at the Red Lion on Friday!

See you guys around..

Peace out!


J.I.M.M.Y Goes Live - a week later

Well Folks... about a week ago I created the page J.I.M.M.Y on facebook and it has collected a little over 100 fans already, which is great! Thanks to all you guys and girls that have become a fan!

I've therefore put up a fan exclusive on reverbnation which means you guys are welcome to download a song for free... I think all that is required is entering your email etc., in order to do so.

The next song goes up when we get 200 fans on the J.I.M.M.Y page!

NE way I've got a couple of great recordings in the pipeline of two of my songs that Ed Austin is producing for me and I can't wait to get them up!!

Hope you guys enjoy Rotunda Blues!

Peace out,